It is a universal fact that the emerging markets require a skilled workforce that is able to tackle the demands of the digital era.

In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving skillset of a modern, state-of-the-art job market, organizations and countries need to ensure that their professionals are equipped to operate on a global scale. The key identifier for such a requirement is a demonstrable ability to think critically, solve complex problems and communicate them clearly and effectively, which brings us to the necessity for quality English skills in the workforce.

It is inevitable that English plays a significant role in the industry of any developing country. Alongside computer literacy, English language skills have become a basic requirement for a vast majority of jobs. However, the struggling education systems of these countries have been unable to cope with the requirements of the industry, failing to deliver the quality of English skills necessary. According to many reports, a sizeable percentage of graduates in developing regions are not employable in many sectors, including but not limited to retail, financial services, IT, beauty and wellness, tourism and healthcare, given their English language skills.

How to Get Ahead in the Skill Shortage Crisis

The British Council is currently working with a number of UK and global partners in order to support the development of English skills for employability; the Online Placement Test (OPT) accredited by British Council and powered by in Pakistan being one of the recent achievements – it’s the most reliable way to demonstrate your English skills to employers using an online Global Standard English Assessment.

The OPT addresses the market need by giving professionals a global standard test to unequivocally rank their ability – the legacy of the British Council ensures that this is an English test like no other! The test is administered online and provides instantaneous results – ranked on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), providing you a baseline for English skill that is recognized the world over.

Once you have finished the test and attained your result, you can showcase your skill to the world by putting your OPT badge front and center on your Rozee profile – ensuring that employers will instantly know that you have taken and aced a British Council assessment!

You can learn more about the Online Placement Test here.