A lot of people believe that they know everything about choosing a career however many of them wind up choosing a career that is completely unsatisfying. This is when they realize that their beliefs were nothing but myths. So if you are looking forward to a fulfilling career, you should know the facts about how to choose it the right way and let go of the popular career choice myths.

Today I’m going to mention some common career choice myths vs. career choice facts to help you make the right choice. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Myth # 1 – There is ONE Perfect Job for me!

Fact: There’s nothing like One Perfect Job for you! The fact is that all of us can find a variety of fulfilling careers. Once we get ourselves engaged in a particular career field, we can pursue a number of different paths. For instance, if you are interested in working in education, you can narrow your focus to a particular specialty such as a teacher, school administrator, coordinator/examiner, academic writer etc and weigh the pro and cons of each job. Besides, our interests also change over the period of time. The job that is perfect for you today, may not be the perfect one for you tomorrow.

Myth # 2 – My major will totally determine my career

Fact: The hiring managers emphasize more on your former work experience and job skills as compared to the specific majors. However, the engineering firms would ideally hire candidates who have completed certain majors. Individuals in the workforce usually work in industries loosely related to the majors they studied in college but years after college, they find themselves in careers and positions very unrelated to what they studied in the college. So you need to know that unless you plan to enter an area that requires specific technical skills, one major can lead you to a list of careers.

Myth # 3 – My grades alone will determine my employability

Fact: Majority of the employers would ideally focus on a well-rounded individual who has a higher value than one with only good grades. A bit of work and volunteer experience along with outside interests & activities, communication & interpersonal skills, academic references, leadership qualities and an impressive overall personality are among the key factors that determine your employability.

Myth # 4 – I should pick from the ‘Best Careers’ list

Fact: Each year, we find a number of books and articles that contain lists of what the industry experts predict will be “hottest jobs”. Although it’s not a bad idea to look at those lists and see if any of those careers appeal to you, it shouldn’t make you dictate your final decision. While the predictions are usually based on valid data, things often change. Remember, what’s hot this year may not be in a few years from now.

Myth # 5 – A job with the highest salary will make me the happiest

Fact: Salary is no doubt very important but it is not the only factor to look at while choosing your career. A number of global surveys have concluded that money doesn’t necessarily lead to job satisfaction. For a significant ratio of individuals, enjoying what they do at work is far more important. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider earnings among other things when evaluating a career path. In the end, you have to make enough money to pay the bills and to maintain the lifestyle you desire.