Hello, I am Asif Mahmood Rathore and my passion for developing high-impact and effective project/program management policies is just what your organization needs. I possess expertise in executing, supervising, and completing various donor-funded projects funded by USAID, DFID, World Bank, PPAF, ERRA, Foundation of Open Society Institute (FOSI), Tear fund UK, RSPN, WFP, UNICEF, UNESCO, Govt. Education Department, DRU/ FAO, Action Aid, and Australian Aid. I have Solid success in evaluating strategic initiatives and making recommendations to align execution of projects to corporate strategy that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives.

My key skills includes program management strategy, team building & mentoring, core methodology & governance, people development, system roadmap sequencing, change management, reporting & documentation, community development, program monitoring & evaluation, stakeholders coordination, conflicts management, emergency response, management client & partner communications, organizational transformation, system support & optimization, risk & disaster  management, issue resolution, strategic growth plans, training & development, records management, process improvement, client relations, and cross-functional leadership.

Organizations I have made a positive impact at includes Muslim Hands International, World learning Inc. /Pakistan Reading Project (PRP), Save the Children USA, Adult Basic Education Society (ABES), National Rural Support Program (NRSP), and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund - my prowess is not limited by industry or company type.

During my professional career, I gained skills in social mobilization, community development, teachers training, education, monitoring, and office management. I possess track record of resolving general public complaints with expertise in program implementation, execution, and evaluation in the development sector.

Please feel free to contact me [email protected] with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work - I am always interested in making new professional acquaintances.


" Mirpur Earthquake Emergency Response Project"(MEER) ECHO - MHI
“Services to Education in Earthquake affected Areas of AJK” Funded by TF UK
Preparing Disaster Resilient Communities Funded by Tear Fund UK |
Mobile Health Unit (MHU) Project Funded by Neither land Arm- Configuration
Community Livelihood Rehabilitation Project (CLRP) Funded by DRU/ERRA/FAO |
Demonstration of Child Friendly Schools Model through ECE Program Funded by
“Transformation of Newly Earthquake Resistant Constructed Schools into Incl
“Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCE) Project” Implemented by Funded
مزید دیکھیے


کمپنی کا لوگو
Project Manager
Muslim Hands International (MHI)
اپریل ۲۰۲۰ - موجودہ | Quetta, Pakistan

Supervised an emergency response project for Flood & snowfall affected areas in Baluchistan. Assured formulation of relief activities according to agreed proposals, work plans, and budgets.
Streamline, execute, and perform all project management tasks to achieve desired goals. Present analytical reporting from projects managed, promote information sharing and exchange of experiences with the related stakeholders, colleagues, and foster synergies following policy initiatives among project components. Formulate information and developments e.g. information related to governance structures, policies and priorities shifts at various levels and shares with Creative HO/PRP management every quarter.
Key Accomplishments:
Provide technical support to the project staff, facilitate smooth and timely implementation of projects, and administer follow-ups and support visits to the project sites. Check reporting of ECHO/EU funded projects.
Inspect framework of Muslim hands administrative procedures for approvals and authorizations. Oversee progress of all interventions on a regular basis, collaborate with the Area Program Manager & Relevant Desk at CO level.
Follow Muslim hands procedures and policies of the short term projects. Manage good relations with the counterparts, district teams, vendors, field staff, area coordinators/managers, government line departments.
Identify timely address challenges and issues, follow up for ensuring the necessary budget, human and material resources are made available to the project team to implement the projects and handle financial matters.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Project Manager
Muslim Hands International
نومبر ۲۰۱۹ - اپریل ۲۰۲۰ | Mirpur (AJK), Pakistan

Successfully executed Earthquake Emergency Response (MEER) Project in AJK after devastating Earthquake of Mirpur.
Key Accomplishments:
Provided technical support to the project staff, facilitate smooth and timely implementation of projects, and administer follow-ups and support visits to the project sites. Check reporting of ECHO/EU funded projects.
Established strong coordination with Line Govt. departments and key stakeholders.
Project set targets achieved 100 percent in due time, with high quality.
Identified and  timely addressed challenges and issues,
Nicely managed all financial, human and material resources of the projects and adhered to compliances.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Dist. Program Manager
World learning Inc./Pakistan Reading Project (PRP)
فروری ۲۰۱۵ - جون ۲۰۱۹ | Bhimbar, Pakistan

Collaborated with education officials, mentors, and SSAS to organize training and community engagement events, TIG meetings, series of orientation, and awareness sessions.
Conducted a series of Coordination and progress review meetings with DOE to share field experiences, learnings, and progress against set targets. Oversaw teacher continuous professional development cycle, including face to face training of teachers, mentors/ master trainers, academic supervisors, Teachers Inquiry Group (TIG) meetings, and school support visits with high quality. Assured excellent first rate support to team members in the understanding zeal of program and addressing programmatic challenges.
Key Accomplishments:
Coached professional staff and access 339 schools and 797 early grades teachers of the project school for their continuous professional development. Steer teachers inquiry group meeting annual calendar with other districts.
Coordinated with DOE for smooth implementation of projects, retained excellent working relations with education department officials to complete teachers and mentors training (phase I & II) and achieve 100% results.
Demonstrated fair and transparent management of logistic, human resource, administrative, and security-related affairs; followed standard operating procedures and managed regional office team, district administration.
Administered transparent system in District to perform programmatic and operational activities, prefer economic and cost-effective derive of office, and utilize logistic, financial, and human resources to get maximum outputs.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Professional Development Coordinator
Save the Children USA
دسمبر ۲۰۱۳ - فروری ۲۰۱۵ | Abbottabad, Pakistan

Offered technical Support to project team, govt. counter parts, teachers educators, govt. officials, technical bodies of education department in the area of ECCE, emergent literacy, School Health Hygiene and Nutrition (SHN), Literacy boost.
Designed Training packages, ECD manual and ECCE classroom materials kits including teaching learning materials in local language, organized regular refresher trainings for ECCE teachers, and educated teachers, in early childhood development, emergent literacy, numeracy, and child centered teaching.  Documented case studies and success stories to share best practices and lesson learnt from ECCE program. Managed and Tracked professional development of teachers, head teachers, and ADEOs, Trainers of DCTE, PITE, and RITE trainers.
Key Accomplishments:
Oversaw conduction of training, capacity building programs, and awareness-raising campaigns among the district education/ project staff, PTC members, and communities to deliver quality programs.
Coordinated with the education team of project and line department to supervise ECCE, literacy boost and SHN activities and meet reporting requirements in accordance with guidelines and timelines.
Developed and executed strategy to ensure a successful roll-out of community action component of literacy boost and improve literacy boost tool kit and assessment schemes with Sr. coordinator.
Collaborated with various universities’ education to recognize missing links between the National Curriculum of ECCE and current schemes of studies and develop allied and reference material for ECE.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Program Manager
Adult Basic Education Society (ABES)
اپریل ۲۰۰۷ - دسمبر ۲۰۱۳ | Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

Developed program team on all activities and a ABES regional office in AJK, as well as resolved all programmatic issues
Represented the organization at various forums and facilitated visits of the international delegates and missions of different donors and agencies. Devised broad outlines, planning, and policy of the programs in consultation with stake partners. Established good productive linkages with NGOs, donors, line, and government departments.
Key Accomplishments:
Led team of district coordinators, trainers, mentors, field monitors, social organizers, admin and finance working in 5 districts of AJK and supervised financial matters to assure smooth operation of projects and program.
Designed and planned workshops, seminars, or training while contributing input as the resource person and explored new avenues for program continuation and office sustainability.
Introduced Early Childhood education new concepts in AJK and demonstrated ECE Model in 5 Dist. Of AJK. Supervised ongoing program activities pertaining to governance and coordination.
Examined capacity gaps and provided ongoing capacity development support to counterparts. Liaised with senior operational level government functionaries on sectoral developments.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Training Coordinator
National Rural Support Program (NRSP)
مئی ۲۰۰٦ - اپریل ۲۰۰۷ | Bagh, Pakistan

Played an integral role as a Training Coordinator for various donor agencies, such as PPAF, RSPN, FOSI, and USAID to manage trainings of different projects. Held full accountability for directing community activist’s workshops, housing reconstruction, and earthquake resistant skilled training workshop.
• Organized trainings of Village Education Committees (VEC), School Management Committee (SMCs), and Teachers Trainings of Gov. and Community Model Schools.
• Coordinated and Effectively delivered different sessions for Community Management Skilled Training (CMST).
• Organized Community Activists Workshops.
• Facilitated “Housing Reconstruction & Earthquake Resistant Skilled Training Workshop” for community skilled workers.
• Coordinate teachers training of Govt. Schools in Earthquake effected areas.

کمپنی کا لوگو
In charge Field Unit
National Rural Support Programme (NRSP)
ستمبر ۲۰۰۵ - مئی ۲۰۰٦ | Bagh, Pakistan

• Managed office and field activities of Social Mobilization, Facilitated Community Organizations (CO) Formation, Clustering of Cos and formation of VOs,
• Led emergency response activities in Dist. Haveli, Led Relief Operation, Distribution of Food and Non-Food Items and Reconstruction Housing, Housing damage Assessment and release compensations as per agreed MOUs with House owners for reconstruction of Earthquake Resistant Houses.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)
مارچ ۲۰۰۵ - ستمبر ۲۰۰۵ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• This was a wonderful opportunity which give a unique exposure at the early stage of my career. During the period I got countrywide exposure, meet management of different national organization, top level community activist, observed the impact of community participation and effective engagement in the process of development. I have accomplished under mentioned tasks well in time along with my team
• Assessed outcomes of staff & communities’ trainings in terms of its utilization and effects on the performance of professional & communities’ activists.
• Understand the existing scope of capacity building intervention especially regarding training & their rationale with grass root level Organization.
• Assessed the effect of staff training imparted to the partner organization staff.
• Debriefings meetings at different level.
• Submission of final reports along with findings, conclusions and recommendations for future trainings programs.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)
نومبر ۲۰۰۴ - مارچ ۲۰۰۵ | Islamabad, Pakistan

 In House 30 days training successfully completed.
 Facilitate to conduct training events at HID (PPAF).
 Remained an active member of PPAF working Commeette for arrangements to Organize International Micro Finance Conference in 2003.
 Facilitated World Bank village immersion Program (VIP-2005) which was arranged village of Tharparker Sindh.
 Closely worked with Hindu Minority Groups in Remote Rural Areas of Sindh when field attachment was with Thardeep Rural Development Program (TRDP) Tharparker.
During this worked in hardest & poorest area of Tharparker with marginalized communities,
 Conducted "Basic management skill trainings”.
 Conducted Leadership Management Skill for communities’ activist.
 Organized Vocational Skilled Training (VST).
 Compiled and shared Case studies, Situation anlyses reports with TRDP and PPAF Management


University of AJK Muzaffarabad Pakistan
ماسٹرز, ماسٹر آف ایجوکیشن, ‎
Child Psychology, Education, Educational Leadership and Management, School Organization and Classroom Managenment, Child Development
درجہ B+
Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies
ڈپلوما, ‎
Project Management
University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)
ماسٹرز, , Master of Science in Economics‎
درجہ B+

پیشہ ورانہ مہارتیں

ماہر Ability To Multitask
ماہر Administrative Skills
ماہر Advocacy
ماہر Capacity Building And Team Building
ماہر Communication Skills
ماہر Conflict Resolution
ماہر Coordination Abilities
ماہر Data Monitoring
ماہر Donor and Partnership Management
ماہر education projects
ماہر Finance Reposrting
ماہر Financial Analysis
ماہر Good Computer Skills
ماہر HR values
ماہر Lab Knowldge
ماہر Leadership Skills
ماہر MS Outlook
ماہر nalytical Skills
ماہر Networking and negotiation Skills.
ماہر Non Formal Education
ماہر Operations Responsibilies
ماہر Presentation Skills
ماہر Programme Development
ماہر Project Management
ماہر Proposal Writing
ماہر Relaibale
ماہر Report Writing
ماہر Report Writing Skills
ماہر Research
ماہر Social Networking Skills
ماہر Strategic Planning
ماہر Strategic Vision
ماہر Strong Skills of Report Writing and Presentations
ماہر Training Coordination and Management


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ماہر اردو
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