Passion to work for renowned & diversified organization, whose foundation is
integrity, strength is peoples, style is teamwork & above all goal is excellence, where I can utilize my
intellectual knowledge, learn more & improve my talents.


کمپنی کا لوگو
Laboratory Technician
Shaheed muhtarma Benazir bhutto Institute Of Trauma Dr Ruth K.M Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi
اکتوبر ۲۰۲۲ - موجودہ | Karachi, Pakistan

I addition to ensuring the accuracy of lab results, the medical laboratory technician is frequently in contact with the patient, providing them with information and guiding them through the examination. The following job responsibilities may be included in your medical laboratory technician job descriptionOrganizes work by matching computer orders with specimen labeling, sorting specimens, and checking specimens delivery.Maintains quality results by running standards and controls, verifying equipment function through routine equipment maintenance.Serves as a technical resource by participating in staff training.Identifies and communicates abnormal patient conditions by alerting supervisory personnel.Identifies the presence or quantity of drugs in the patients system.Provides test results for patient diagnosis and treatment by operating chemistry equipment.Ensures the patient of receiving compatible blood by completing blood typing, antibody screening, and compatibility testing.Contributes to a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.Maintains patient confidence by keeping laboratory information confidential

کمپنی کا لوگو
Laboratory Technician
Mercy Corps Pakistan
دسمبر ۲۰۲۱ - ستمبر ۲۰۲۲ | Karachi, Pakistan

The incumbent should have a full-time presenceRecord patient information on the Gene Xpert Register including patient contact details,household address, and clinical history.Provides counseling on how to produce an appropriate sputum sample. S/he willencourage thepatients to provide a spot specimen for GeneXpert testing.Guide the patient to provide a sputum sample in a designated area that must be well-ventilatedSputum samples will collect from the patients who are suggestive of TB and stored insputumboxes.All sputum samples must be labeled properly as per national guidelinesPrepare sputum samples for Gene Xpert testing. S/he will perform on spot XpertMTB/Riff testingand share reports with the patientsGuide the patient to go to the doctor attending the chest camp for further assessmentMaintain the temperature of sputum samples and cartridges as per national guidelines.Ensure personal and staff safety through proper use of Personal protective equipment.Responsible to wear dosimeter at all time during chest camp as per PNRArecommendations,and after the camp will place it on a safe place and away from X-ray room.Ensure daily, weekly and monthly maintenance of Gene Xpert machineFollow SOPs for regularly checking equipment for malfunction/errors and immediatereportingEnsure that calibration of Gene Xpert machine done well on timeMaintain the cartridge log book and Equipment repair & maintenanace logKeep the equipment neat and clean and avoid dust entry by proper covering theequipment aftercampEnsure the safety and security of the Gene Xpert machine and its accessories.Inform the District Field supervisors about the results of the Xpert test.Prepare a monthly statistical record of the screen, presumptive, and positive TB case and submit it to the SupervisorAttend training on the handling of Gene Xpert machineAttend TB DOTS training of paramedics provided according to the National Guidelines

کمپنی کا لوگو
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Institute Of Trauma Karachi
ستمبر ۲۰۱٦ - جولائی ۲۰۲۲ | Karachi, Pakistan

Responsibilities I Have responsible to perform clinical tests independently according tothe procedures manual on a daily basis to ensure timely preparation of the final reports.follow and assist the Charge Technologist in the implementation of safety standardsaccording to Laboratory Safety Manual on daily basis required for own safety and for thesafety of others. process and co-sign reports, including negative reports of lab testsfollow safety standards in accordance to the safety manual on a daily basis to provide asafe working environment Proven experience as a Phlebotomist and front deskrepresentative Knoweldge of legal requirements about drawing blood, handling fluidsamples and use of relevant medical equipment and material Ability to use computers toenter information Excellent comminucation skills Presentable personality Familiarity withoffice machines(printer, computer etc.) Attend phone calls and book appointmentsPatients Registration Coordinate with doctors and staff for patient/client facilitationClinical support

کمپنی کا لوگو
HTC Counselor
Nai Zindagi Trust
نومبر ۲۰۲۰ - نومبر ۲۰۲۱ | Karachi, Pakistan

Maintain a list of referral linkages. Coordinate with Field Supervisor for tracking ofclients for HTC services. Coordinate with Social Mobilizer for ART referral services ofreactive clients. Motivation, counseling and psychological assessment of HIV+ clients forART link-up and AAU referrals. Special counseling sessions with AAU RD clients onrelapse prevention, ART adherence and overdose prevention. Counseling of HIV+ clientson treatment for ART adherence. Motivation and counseling of non-adherent HIV+clients for re-initiation of ART. In consultation with the Site Manager, plan and establishHTC (HIV Testing and Counseling) services for PWIDs and their partners Conduct preand posttest counseling with clients on regular basis. Facilitate family contacts afterclient consent where possible and appropriate (as per HTC and family counseling SOPs).Conduct follow up sessions after client has reintegrated with family, and maintain followup record (SOPs to be followed). Referral for further testing. Referral for medicalservices when needed. Referral for HIV prevention services. Referral for HIV & AIDScare and support services. Maintain all record/information related to clients, their testresults in strict confidentiality Attend day plan meetings with staff members andhighlight issues of clients raised in their morning meeting Participate and discuss issuespertaining to HTC, prevention ,care & support services Maintain a daily diary a.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Laboratory Technician
MERF Pakistan
اگست ۲۰۱۹ - اکتوبر ۲۰۲۰ | Karachi, Pakistan

I Have responsible to perform clinical tests independently according tothe procedures manual on a daily basis to ensure timely preparation of the final reportsProven experience as a Phlebotomist and front deesk representative Knowledge of legalrequirments about drawing blood, handling fluid samples and use of relevent medicalequipment and material Ability to use computers to enter information Excellent

کمپنی کا لوگو
Lister Supervisor
BISP (Srso House Hold Survey Project Karachi West
جنوری ۲۰۱۹ - دسمبر ۲۰۱۹ | Karachi, Pakistan

Mark boundary of an assigned geographic location Enumeration Area (EA) by taking GPScoordinates at various boundary locations of EAs.Visit every HH/structures within agiven locality to undertake the followinga. Explain the purpose and process of survey.b.Provide a leaflet to the respondentc. List structure using a listing module of the app.GPSpoints of the structure.dwelling/non-dwellingNo. of HHs under a given housing unittherespondent willingness to participate in the survey,d. Mark every structure withmarker.e. Wall marking for mobility of the enumeration teamDevelop a handmade routemap (with landmarks, directive signs on it) and provide it to Area coordinator for furtherprocessing.Transfer listing data to BISP server

کمپنی کا لوگو
Laboratory Technician
Pakistan Red Crescent Society (Hilal.e.Ahmar)
فروری ۲۰۱۲ - ستمبر ۲۰۱٦ | Karachi, Pakistan

Peforming Lab investigation and reporting AFP surveillance / case reporting Logisticsupply, maintenance of cold chain at Health Facility and after receiving from Superviserand during outreach activities. Reporting and Record keeping for the management ofPHQ & MPCLHave responsible to perform clinical tests independently according tothe procedures manual on a daily basis to ensure timely preparation of the final reportsProven experience as a Phlebotomist and front deesk representative Knowledge of legalrequirments about drawing blood, handling fluid samples and use of relevent medicalequipment and material Ability to use computers to enter information Excellent

کمپنی کا لوگو
Nutrition Assistant
UNICEF (Srso Field Work Project)
جنوری ۲۰۱۱ - دسمبر ۲۰۱۱ | Jacobabad, Pakistan

Provide nutritional counseling to mothers of young children, focusingon children in the first 1000 days of lifeProvide breastfeeding advice when required,advising lactating mothers on diet and referring them to the PHC breastfeedingarea.Advise on a balanced diet, using flip charts, diagrams, and other IEC materials toconvey information.Advice on food hygiene and the importance of preventing diarrheaand parasites in promoting nutrition.Liaise with BEmONC staff to ensure correctnutritional advice is being provided for pregnant and lactating women.Assess all childrenpresenting with low MUAC or other forms of malnutrition symptoms, treating andreferring to local agencies as appropriate.Develop and strengthen links with localorganizations such as ACF and refer to them as required.Ensure that all children under 5have MUAC measured, weight is taken and height measured at the point oftriage.Provide assistance and capacity building for clinical staff at PHC to assess and treat all forms of malnutrition.Liaise with medical and nursing teams regarding thetreatment of MAM and SAM in PHC IPD, providing capacity building among staff wherenecessary.Work closely with the pediatrician to identify SAM children needing inpatientfacility and supporting as per protocol.Work closely with the Community Health Team toensure that nutrition messages are integrated into all community educationactivitiesProvide capacity building that was required for the Community HealthTeam.Liaise with Community Health Team Leader to ensure that correct nutritionalmessages are being delivered in the community.Refer patients requiring follow-up toCommunity health Team


Shah Abdul Latif University
ماسٹرز, ماسٹرز ان آرٹس, Sociology‎
فی صد 70%
Shah Abdul Latif University
بیچلرز, بیچلرز ان آرٹس, Sociology‎
فی صد 75%
Aga Khan University, Medical College
ڈپلوما, Clinical Pathology Laboratory Technician‎
Laboratory Department
Ali Garh Institute of Techonolgy, Karachi
انٹرمیڈیٹ / اے لیول, فیکلٹی آف سائنس (پری میڈیکل), Biology‎
درجہ B+
Ali Garh Institute of Techonolgy, Karachi
میٹرک / او لیول, سائنس, Physics‎
درجہ B

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