I am a seasoned senior communications professional having over 30 years of extensive experience within the television industry (PTV). I excels at relationship-building, organization, and making sound judgments under pressure and within tight deadlines. I took media training workshop for Pakistan Army ISPR department, and 50 army Officers in the field of TV production. I have completed Master of Arts with specialization in International relations from University of Karachi. I have visited to USA, Indonesia, UAE, Thailand, Iran, India China, Netherland, Belgium, and France for official assignment. I am well-versed in public policy, government affairs, public relations, political research and community referral procedures and techniques.

My key skills include international/government relations, political science, staff training and development, public affairs, political research, broadcast production, quality control, news writing, journalism, and multimedia reporting. I possess outstanding communication and interpersonal skills and quickly establish rapport with clients, family members, management, and staff with proven ability to adjust to changing situations.

I am currently engaged as News Controller with PTV World, where I am responsible for hiring, training, and managing news department staff to deliver products in accordance with station standards and strategic goals. I am currently visiting faculty of Islamic International University (Female Section). I am expert in developing a training system to foster an understanding of the importance of the on-air product. As far as my achievements are concerned, I have launched Pakistan’s only English Language Channel PTV World. I was nominated twice for PTV National Award, awarded as best Reporter from 1987 to 1998 and won PTV award from Lahore Center; achieved incentive Award for producing Best Human Interest Story in 1999, as well as incentive award for covering Sydney Olympics.


Documentary on Independent Power project AES Lal Pir (US)
PTV World News (Only English Channel of Pakistan)
Local Govt In Pakistan (Documentary)
Central depository Company and System (documentary)
• Karachi stock exchange. (Documentary)


کمپنی کا لوگو
Controller News Reporting and Operations
Pakistan Television (PTV-News)
اگست ۲۰۱۲ - موجودہ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• Met with multiple businesses in the community and created marketing campaigns to promote growth.
• Established and supervised policies and procedures to ensure efficient and continual operation of the television master control room.
• Manually operated equipment during high-pressure situations such as human and equipment error to recover on-air in the shortest time possible.
• Launched flagship program of PTV World, as well as planned and covered mega events of “Chinese Presidents visit to Pakistan for China Pakistan Economic Corridor” and “Local Bodies Elections in Pakistan 2015 (three phases)”.
• Presented documentaries on Karachi stock exchange, Central depositary system in Pakistan, Education for special children, American IPP in Pakistan, History of world squash, New Lahore airport, Safety at power plants, and Local Government Ordinance and Decentralization Support Program.

کمپنی کا لوگو
TV Broadcast Journalist
Pakistan Television (PTV-News)
اپریل ۱۹۸٦ - موجودہ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• Generated ideas for stories and features and following leads from news agencies, the police, public, press conferences, and other sources.
• Developed new contacts and relationships with potential stakeholders, including advertisers, news sources, and viewers to increase the station's credibility and revenue.
• Gathered news and feature materials for publication in command newsletters and magazines and for radio and television programs for internal and external release.
• Identified potential interviewees, prepared interview questions and conducted live and recorded interviews. Trained new personnel and created a digital newscast template improving the proficiency and workflow of the news team.
• Brainstormed and produced creative mediums through digital media to communicate command Information.

کمپنی کا لوگو
News Controller
Pakistan Television (PTV-News)
فروری ۲۰۱۵ - مئی ۲۰۱٦ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• Responsible for monitoring the quality and accuracy of on-air signals as well as meeting the transmission government regulations and the station’s high standards.
• Perform on-air switching for live events, prepare material for on-air playback via automation system, and provide first rate support on live and recorded productions.
• Establish a training system under which all operators obtained a working knowledge of the TV and advertising business, to foster an understanding of the importance of the on-air product.
• Hire, train, and supervise news department staff to deliver products in accordance with station standards and strategic goals.
• Foster an inclusive workplace environment derived from teamwork, staff development, employee motivation, and positive communication.
• Attend a variety of community events and meetings as a representative for the PTV world and provide media coverage and community awareness of events.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Instructor News and Current Affairs (PTV Academy)
Pakistan Television (PTV-News)
اگست ۲۰۱۱ - اپریل ۲۰۱۲ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• Delivered trainings tom to the employees on new and current affairs of the country and managed the planning, production, and presentation of all news programming.
• Ensured that team continues to collaborate effectively across the News Group and beyond to assure that audiences get the best value from the original journalism produced by the department.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Deputy Controller News Coordination
Pakistan Television (PTV-News)
جون ۲۰۱۰ - اگست ۲۰۱۱ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• Operated video and audio switching or routing equipment to deliver programs, station breaks, and announcements according to the pre-established program log.
• Attended regular meetings and passed the editorial policy and agenda agreed by the director of broadcast with the CEO and director of projects.
• Held accountable for designing, developing, and implementing internal communications strategies to measure the effectiveness.
• Collaborated with international agencies and editorial directors to assign and edit book and screen content, including interviews, essays, reviews, and round table discussions.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Sr. News Editor (Khabernama PTV)
Pakistan Television (PTV-News)
دسمبر ۲۰۰۸ - جون ۲۰۱۰ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• Played a key role as the senior news editor of khabernama PTV, followed news stories, and updated main news desk.
• Originated new ideas, and proposed ways to pull together or link stories thematically and geographically, and add in depth coverage on issues.
• Actively liaised with producers and researchers to predict, promote, and plan monthly films for news programs throughout the broadcast regions.
• Established reputation for story selection and editing skills that produce an enterprising balance of news, features, and graphic presentation.

کمپنی کا لوگو
News Editor (Lahore and Islamabad)
Pakistan Television (PTV-News)
دسمبر ۱۹۹۵ - فروری ۲۰۰۳ | Islamabad, Pakistan

• Maintained close working relationships with staff from projects, creative resources, and broadcast to keep abreast of the latest fixes and developments.
• Assigned, edited, and posted web news stories for daily web and weekly print edition, ensuring assignments meet the news coverage and content needs for each product.
• Regularly met with journalists and assigned them to research and cover news stories, features, specialist interviews, and other original content.
• Published online newspaper and offered website hosting and development for companies, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations.
• Formulated reports and online material, edited scripts and article texts to a high standard, while maintaining professional journalistic standards of accuracy.


University of Karachi
ماسٹرز, , MA Pol Sc, BA Hon's Pol Sc, Journalism,Economics‎

پیشہ ورانہ مہارتیں

ماہر Broadcast Journalist (TV Anchor)
ماہر Concept Based Teaching
ماہر Documentary Producer
ماہر Knowledge of Spreadsheets
ماہر TV News Management, (Input output)
ماہر Visiting Faculty (Universities (Media )


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متوسط پشتو
ماہر انگریزی
ماہر اردو

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