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I am a seasoned professional with 10 years of experience in IT (System & Network & Virtualization) managing all aspects of IT and Infrastructure processes. My work experience with both Group Level & Software House industries would be an additive advantage for your organization.

So if you are looking for someone to join your team, not only do I come with wealth of knowledge & experience but enthusiastic & eager to explore my new career path by driving the company to the highest growth level.

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کمپنی کا لوگو
Manager IT Infrastructure
Medialogic Private Limited
مارچ ۲۰۲۱ - موجودہ | Lahore, Pakistan

Act as Manager Infrastructure and department head for planning, implementation of multiple IT projects.        
·            Manage Cisco ASDM Firewall, Manage Heimdal Security Panel (Unified Threat Platform)
•           Manage the technical operations and projects to align with the organization’s goals.
•           Establish IT policies & procedures of Open-Source technologies and Kantar Media (UK).
•           Analyze the business requirements internally and for the client's technology needs.
•           Server, Storage architecture and support (on-premise and cloud-based)
•           Active directory/group policies, access rights administration, integrated/advanced authentication
•           MS Office 365, MS Azure and other cloud-based applications and systems, Script writing for Copy and     Deletion. 
•           Ensure network security. Ensures protection from viruses or Security threats, maintain system backups
•           Implements new server and network hardware and FreeNAS storage Management. Cron jobs.
•           Ensures that all systems are functioning. Systems include Microsoft Server 2016R2, firewall Cisco 5510, routers, network switches, VPN devices, cabling (Ethernet and telephone), PBX systems, NVR, ESXI 6.5 VCenter Server, Wireless Bridges.
•           Manages and supports e-mail, database servers, virtualization servers, video conferencing and implements secure    
·                  Internet access where needed throughout the organization.
•           Evaluating vendor proposals, vendor management with SLAs and contracts management
•           Developing and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for the organization
•           Conducting regular system audits, Taking Backups of SQL Servers 2016 R2 SP3 Databases and VEEAM Software 11.
•           Working close with HOD’s to determine the maintenance and growth needs of the network.
•           Architected and implemented redesign of LAN/WIFI to improve performance and security, Manage IT budgeting.
•           Work on Team building, Lead the team of 9 persons of both IT and Headend (Kantar Media) UK.
•           Identifying opportunities for team training and skills advancement.
•           Help desk user support if needed.
•           Manage and maintain organization’s website and all social media accounts.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Sr. Network Administrator
Four Brothers Group
نومبر ۲۰۱۹ - فروری ۲۰۲۱ | Lahore, Pakistan

Look after IT Infrastructure including Virtual Esxi / Cloud AWS VM’s. Data or Services.
Lead the IT Department operations including documenting projects, support and managing resources.
Network Monitoring & Security. Sangfor Firewall, Solarwinds' Orion IP Scanner, Server health report.
Virtualization. VMware ESXI vSphere Server 6.0, AWS Cloud EC2 instance manage IT infrastructure.
Windows Servers 2012/2019 R2, ERP Server DB Backup. Active Directory SSO, Federation Services, Group Policy
Managing C Panel different domain (@Fbenergy/ @Siliconst/ @Voice Connection).
Proactively monitor, identify, and escalate issues or root causes of systemic issues
MS SQL Server Backup of Data bases on daily basis.
Provide support of ERP / Zoom / Microsoft Teams to Plant users, remote offices and in Head Office staff.
Analyze report on, and make recommendation for improvement of all IT infrastructure and IT Systems.
Interact with end users at all level 2 and 3 to help resolve IT related issues and provide solution in timely manner.
Sophos End Point Protection - Dashboard
Configure & manage the MDaemon Email Server 2013 13.5.1, Office 365 Configuration & migration
ERP Project Management. Experience of process of SQL based ERP in industry. PR (Purchase Requisition, MDN)
Disaster Recovery Planning & documentation of all IT department.
Ensuring smooth Delivery of IT Systems, Operations, Services and Service Desk Support at Four Brothers Office (Head Office, warehouse and Plant)
Video Conferencing management, Annual Sales Conference Support/coordination. Event Management.
Managing Purchase / Documentation in Procurement, Accounts regarding Printer, UPS, all IT hardware.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Sr. Network Administrator
GeniTeam Solutions
اکتوبر ۲۰۱۵ - اکتوبر ۲۰۱۹ | Lahore, Pakistan

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Experience in maintaining Windows Server 2012/2016, and windows 7/8.1/10 Mac, OS X.
• Maintain the AWS Cloud, EC2, Dashboard, S3, Microsoft Azure case study.
• Instance Creation, Attach Auto-scale, and Security Groups. Monitor Resources & Apps from Cloud Watch.
• Data Center / Share Data, Apple & Mac installations.
• Ensuring that all IT equipment's complies with industry standards.
• Administration of WAN infrastructure, Pfsense firewall, Proxy Server, Bandwidth Management. Load Management
• Installing configuration of SVN Server on both Windows server 2012 & CentOS.
• Managing Active Directory, Profile, Group Policy, DHCP, DNS, VPN
• Configuring and Troubleshooting Port Forwarding, NAT
• Supporting and managing iOS and relevant devices through Assembla Ticket system.
• Installing and configuring different Unity versions. XCode, Z Brish, Appcelerator Studio, Substance Painter, 3DMax, Maya
• Troubleshooting Mac OS & Windows OS.
• Configure the Orange HRM Solution & also suggest open source solutions.
• Define Policies & processes of Laptop, System, Internet Usage, Resource optimization.
• ServiceDesk plus installation and configurations on CentOS 7 in Lab environment.
• OTRS Help Desk software installation and configuration on RHEL 6 /CentOS 6/7.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Network Engineer
Amigo Software
اگست ۲۰۱۴ - اکتوبر ۲۰۱۵ | Lahore, Pakistan

To manage the entire Network of Software house, Windows Servers, File Server, Resource Management, VMware Servers, IP PBX / VOIP Alcatel Lucent Exchange. OXO (Compact), OXE (Enterprise).

Maintain Site to Site VPN, connectivity between offices (STC & Cantt.), Installation Exchange Server 2010, Email Backups. Configuration on client side
Configuration and updating of Pfsense Firewall, Proxy Squid Server, DHCP, DDNS, Web Publishing, Port Forwarding. Installation of Linux, Windows,
CentOS 7.0
Ntop & Zabbix Tools used for Traffic/Bandwidth Monitoring & Reporting.
Creating VLAN’s on Cisco Catalog switches 3560, 3560G, 2960, assign ports to VLAN.
Citrix Xeon Server. Citrix Receivers, Network Cabling. Tagging, Network Design
Fail over Switch, Media Converter, Fiber Optic and Wireless Networking.
SQL Server Express 2008, R2, Database Backup, Installation and Data Managing. Website Backups, IIS,
Ensure and smooth working IP PBX Exchange (AlcaTel Lucent). Testing Exchange.

کمپنی کا لوگو
Sr. System Administrator
Eden Housing Limited
نومبر ۲۰۰۸ - مئی ۲۰۱۴ | Lahore, Pakistan

• Responsible of System Support for users facing issues in Outlook, Windows 7, Windows 8, Internet, Shared services, Hardware, Software etc.
• Designing & Implementing Network Infrastructure for Triple Play services.
• Providing LAN/WAN solutions to different sub departments of Marketing.
• Configuring, managing and maintaining the roaming profiles of more than 50 CSRs.
• Configuring and managing the PANDA firewall.
• Managing WAN Connection to multiple ISPs including PTCL and Multinet, Wateen and ensuring working of redundant links for 99.999% uptime.
• Managing and maintaining separate Data and Disaster recovery center.
• Configuring inbound & outbound campaigns for business operations.
• Ensure the smooth working of PBX Exchange.
• Co-ordinating with in house development team for development reports in ERP.
• Verify the Daily/ Monthly Recovery Reports for proper recovery of Funds & Receivables.
• Make Coordination with MIS Department as System Related Queries via Email/Telephonic.
• Verify the Data Integrity; ensure the House Related info, Price, Marla, Covered area in System.
• Verify the Transfer, Agreement & Possession Procedures and implement the company compliance
• Designing and writing SOP for IT Department.


University of the Punjab
ماسٹرز, ماسٹرز ان سائنس, B.Sc (Hon's) in Computer Sciences‎
Computer Science

پیشہ ورانہ مہارتیں

متوسط DNAS
متوسط HTML
ماہر LAN
ماہر SQL
ماہر TCP/IP
ماہر VPN
ماہر WAN
متوسط .htaccess
متوسط acsp
ماہر Active Directory
متوسط Analytical
ماہر Application Virtualization
متوسط AWS
متوسط Azure
ماہر Branch Administration
ماہر Business Sevelopment
متوسط C++
ماہر Certification Of System Administration
متوسط Cli
ماہر Client Follow-up
متوسط Cloud
ماہر Cloud Computing
ابتدائی Cloud Security
ماہر Cloud Storage
ماہر Communication
متوسط CPanel
متوسط Customer Analysis
ماہر Deal Qualification
ماہر Dealer Network Sales
متوسط DevOps
ماہر DHCP
ماہر DNS
متوسط DNS Management
متوسط Domain Hosting
ماہر Enterprise Security
ماہر ESXi
ماہر Evaluating Risk
ماہر Executive Presentation Skills
ماہر Expert Traffic Flow Control
متوسط Federation Services
ماہر Government Contract Negotiations
ماہر Group Policy Objects
ماہر Hiring Team Building
ماہر Identifying Sales Opportunities
متوسط IES Virtual Environment
ماہر IIS
ماہر IP VPN
ماہر ISP Connectivity
ماہر IT Operations.
متوسط Knowledge Microsoft Exchange


متوسط پنجابی
ماہر اردو
ماہر انگریزی