Simply Sufi XPRS
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Simply Sufi XPRS

“Simply Sufi” is the latest achievement by Sufi Group of Companies in introducing International standard, premium quality chicken products in Pakistan. Simply Sufi has two core elements – ‘Simply’ and ‘Sufi’.’Simply’ means absolutely, clearly, purely. And ‘Sufi’ refers to the parent brand of the group which stands for quality, purity and trust. Together they produce a beautiful meaning-Simply Pure, which is exactly what you will get from our products; a range of healthy, nutritious and delicious chicken products!

Simply Sufi is the newest feather in the cap of Sufi Group of Companies. Established in 1952, Sufi Group of Companies takes great pride in being a household name throughout Pakistan. With utmost commitment to brand values of quality, purity and trust, Sufi Group of Companies, has championed customer satisfaction and quality assurance and emerged as one of the top market leaders in FMCG industry.