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Requirements Analysis & Problem Solving Skills

  • Must be able to thoroughly analyze the requirements submitted by the Project Manager / Coordinator or Client.
  • Ensuring that the requirements are complete and can be developed in one go.
  • Raising questions when requirements seem to be incomplete or not implementable.
  • When presented with an engineering problem, must be able to provide a reasonable and implementable solution for it.
  • Must be able to provide accurate timelines for delivery of work assigned. While ensuring Quality of Deliverable and timely deliveries.

Programming skills

  • Must have above average programming skills.
  • Should be able to implement the logic for any programming problem.
  • Must be able to learn and use any new programming language within 2 to 3 weeks max.
  • Software Engineering Skills
  • Must know how to design database tables and write queries for CRUD operations, Understand normalization and denormalization concepts.
  • Must know how to write stored procedures and database functions and understand why and when to use them.
  • Must understand how and why version controls systems are used and differences between SVN and GIT.
  • Must understand the concepts of debugging and use any debugging tool necessary to find and eliminate bugs.
  • Must not rely on QA Engineers to find basic bugs in their deliverables.
  • Must test their code and deliverable thoroughly before submitting to QA.
  • Must document and update the documentation of complex code / data structures implemented.
  • Idea of all basic data structures.
  • Idea of all basic sorting and searching algorithms.

Technology Knowledge

  • Must know how http works
  • Must know how client and server communication works
  • Must know the difference between client and server programming
  • Must understand the difference between IDEs and Code Editors
  • Must understand the difference between HTML / CSS / JS and what is used when and where.
  • Must know / understand / learn exactly how web servers work (IIS in-depth working knowledge is a must)

General Requirements

  • Must be able to learn and use any software technology needed within an acceptable timeframe.
  • Must have above-average communication skills.
  • Must be available 24/7 for emergency situations.
  • Must communicate to seniors when stuck in a programming/engineering problem for more than a few hours.
  • Must be available on what's app and email 24/7.
  • Must have detailed knowledge on at least 1 programming language, platform and IDE.
  • Must be willing to learn whatever skill and / or technology is needed to ensure Quality of Work and Timely deliverables.


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