I want to significantly develop my career in a sound environment that will allow me to utilize and further improve the communicative, presentation, selling, self and team motivating skills I possess. I highly believe that nothing in this world is impossible or unachievable. I am gracious and very positive in nature while maintaining humility and wish to make appropriate use of these virtuosity and flair within a successful and prosperous organization.

I reflect upon myself as a natural leader, winner and a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with the ability to communicate effectively within a wide range and variety of people of all ages. I am an extremely committed and a focused person of a confident, approachable and friendly disposition. My self reliance and rationalism enables me to work well independently, however my team working experience allows me to encourage sound group dynamics.

Specialties: Key essential management skills and acute capability to adapt and respond to diverse environments.
Under extreme pressures my verbal and intuitive abilities enable me to deliver the best possible.
Immaculate coordination, communication and receptive skills
Language proficiency in English, Urdu, Arabic and Persian
First rate psychology skills
Extensive PR experience


DWTC Residence by Jumeirah INTL
Royal Manor at Meydan - Dubao
Magnolia at JVT - Dubai


Chief Catalyst & Visionaire
7 Unions International Ltd
May 2010 - 代表 | Toronto, Canada

This is my eventual and ultimate GOAL and DREAM, which seems to have started taking shape, finally
Risk Takers that are willing to push boundaries, test limits and achieve what others believe is IMPOSSIBLE. Basically an offshore company in Canada and involved in Various industries (remain diversified & relevant)

Head of Sales & Marketing
Baytna Properties LLC
Sep 2015 - Jan 2017 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Recruiting, training and developing a skilled Sales Team
Propose and implement policies and strategies to enhance and improve Sales and Marketing
Suggest format for evaluation, implement KPIs, appraise the Sales Team regularly
Develop MIS for the management
Meeting and visiting developers

Head of Sales & Marketing
Terra Casa Real Estate
Sep 2014 - Jul 2015 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have believed in Leading by example; developed the team and giving the team a new direction, had a very motivated team for more than 50 sales consultants. Highlight was helped to close a deal on Palm for AED 165M with my team member, besides achieving monthly targets comfortably

Director Business Development
Bridging Continents Real Estate
Oct 2013 - Sep 2014 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Director Marketing & Business Development
Provident Real Estate
Sep 2012 - Oct 2013 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Experiences are what defines us, joined just as a Consultant but quickly the Management becoming aware of my talents hence was promoted quickly to the title and helped the come at par with market norms and the platform given with Vision (Loai - Founder n MD) has developed the company to top notch agency in Dubai

Sales Development Director
Aqua Properties LLC
Oct 2012 - Sep 2013 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

With the intent to gain/earn the reputation of a great leader, trying to establish myself once again, plugging back into my network and make things happen but at my joining, the company lacked corporate culture and structure, but helped them with SOP n KPI and now they are leaders in the market

Director - Restructuring & Re-Branding
SPF Realty LLC
May 2010 - Jun 2011 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I was fundamental and crucial in the overall re-branding of a 4 year old company, new sales procedure, SOP were re-defined; I proudly admit that I had re-ignited the fire in the company and got the ball rolling for them - all my best wishes for their success

Founder & Visonaire
Royal Premiums Real Estate Broker LLC
Sep 2007 - Mar 2010 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Had a great run at Royal Premiums - the company had done really well for itself but unfortunately due to losing focus on the real TARGET - resilience and integrity (Investor n Broker or Punter n Bookie - scenario, you can't be both at the same time) BITTER lesson but had a lot to learn and fine tune the future strategy

CEO & Founder
Venture Horizon Real Estate Brokers LLC
Nov 2006 - Sep 2007 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Initiated the concept, design, SOP and many systems to enable the company to work smoothly, but then sold out due to having a unamenable and obstreperous individuals but a great learning experience

Senior Sales Consultant
Better Homes LLC
Aug 2004 - Nov 2006 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I would definitely says that this was the time that I enjoyed most, due to the new things that I learned, people that I met and best of all - there was a challenge every time and everyday of a new kind - in a rapidly evolving market - I was loving the pace and gave complete and full credit to Billy Rautenbach to be the visionary in leading us to be the BEST of rapid pace of Dubai growth

Senior Credit & Sales Manager - Corporate
Habib Bank Ltd
Apr 1999 - May 2004 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Was a great learning experience, but the cliche and routine killed my spirit - I have always believed in taking risks and giving my best to achieve TAREGTs and Setting AMBITIONS that other would envy ONLY. Got bored nearly to death of my PROFESSIONAL LIFE

Floor Manager
Mashreq Bank
Feb 1998 - Apr 1999 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Assistant Administrator
Citibank N.A.
May 1994 - Jan 1998 | Karachi, Pakistan


Hajvery University
学士, 贸易学士, ‎
Commerce & Finance
等级 B+


熟练 Active Listener
中级 Adminstration Knowledge
熟练 Alternative Investments
中级 Book Keepinf
熟练 Build Relationships
熟练 Business Development Strategies
熟练 Business Sales Strategy
熟练 Business Strategy
熟练 Capital Markets Analysis
熟练 Cold-calling
熟练 Collaborative Project Management
熟练 Consumer Financing
熟练 Convincing Emails
中级 Crypto API
熟练 Customer Acquisition
熟练 Customer Relationship Management
熟练 Decision Making Ability
熟练 Development & implementation of marketing plans
熟练 Ensure Collection
熟练 Fincane Reporting
熟练 Fluent In English
熟练 Fluent In English Urdu
中级 International / Forex Market
中级 IT Sales
熟练 Lab Knowldge
中级 Market Knowledge
熟练 Meeting Sales Goals
熟练 Motivation
熟练 People Management
熟练 Quantitative Investment Strategies
熟练 Real Estate
熟练 Real Estate Sales
熟练 Relationship Management
熟练 Sales Performance
熟练 Sales Planning


初学者 阿拉伯语
中级 波斯语
熟练 乌尔都语
熟练 英语

Abdulkhaliq 联系人

Umar Farooque
Better Homes LLC