My background is a blend of sales, retentions, and customer care I have sold, retained, and de-escalated plenty of clever and parsimonious customers during my career. I am a master in hooking up and knows how to close them. My best strengths are that I never shoot from the hips and never allow my customers to sense my sales lust. I know how to empathize with my customers and I know how and when to tell stories and I can also expertly take care of their every need and wants and I have an ability to think out of the box, therefore, it makes me a perfect and well-tailored made candidate for any BPO organization or for any software house or IT firm


International IT Sales Specialist
Feb 2024 - 代表 | Karachi, Pakistan

As an international software telesales specialist, my responsibilities includes Conducting outbound sales calls to prospective clients in various international markets.Introducing and promoting software products, emphasizing their value propositions and benefits.Qualifying leads to assess their level of interest, needs, and budget.Building rapport and trust with prospects over the phone to foster long-term relationships.Addressing client objections and concerns effectively to overcome barriers to sale.Managing a pipeline of leads and opportunities in a CRM system, ensuring accurate and timely updates.Following up with bark leads to nurture relationships and move them through the sales funnel.Collaborating with sales and marketing teams to align strategies and optimize lead generation efforts.Achieving or exceeding sales targets and quotas through proactive sales techniques.Continuously improving sales skills, product knowledge, and understanding of international markets.Adhering to all relevant regulations and company policies during sales activities.Providing feedback to the marketing and product development teams based on client interactions.Staying updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics.Representing the company professionally and ethically in all interactions with clients and stakeholders.Contributing to a positive team culture and fostering a supportive sales environment.

Sales Head
Red Feather Solutions
Jan 2024 - May 2024 | Karachi, Pakistan

As the Sales Head of the software house, I  direction and execution of our sales initiatives to drive revenue growth and market expansion. My responsibilities include developing and implementing sales strategies, managing the sales team, nurturing client relationships, and identifying new business opportunities. I collaborate closely with other departments to ensure alignment with company goals and objectives, while continuously monitoring market trends and competitor activities to stay ahead of the curve. By fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the sales team, I strive to deliver exceptional value to our clients and achieve sustainable business growth.

Mar 2016 - Oct 2018 | Karachi, Pakistan

I had been working at SquareTrade from 6th of December 2016 till 21st, of October 2018 where the commitments were challenging to perform. The customers were never willing to accept my proposals at all because they used to think the proposals are nothing but a sales pitch to trap them. And I had also been working as an outbound sales executive at AT&T from 28 March 2016 till 05 December 2016 when I was transferred to SquareTrade from AT&T because it was transitioned to the TRG Philippines but verily the aforementioned campaign was thought to be the most extreme hardcore campaign between all the campaigns of the Ibex Global TRG. Triumphs at SquareTrade I masterly controlled the situation by rebuttals coated with soft phrases and gave promising solutions and coaxed them to buy the warranties for their brand new consumer electronics and retained them simultaneously I also carved the impregnable records into the field of sales and retention during my career. These elements of my triumph endorse me as a promising bespoke candidate for your organization. Triumphs at AT&T I accomplished the satisfaction of the customers. I handled the rebellious customers as easy as ABC those who had been left from the network of AT&T. I wrestled to win their hearts and restored upon the same network through my hardships and reconciliations. And if I unfold the fact about the existing customers so I subsided the existing resenting customers marvelously and also successfully sealed the deals of AT&T. Being an outbound sales executive, I ensured them about and the quality services offered by AT&T and due to such, miraculous performance, I was also embraced by the authority as a promising seller.

State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan
Feb 2012 - Jan 2013 | Karachi, Pakistan

I reined numerous miles stone within my tenure at state life insurance co-operation of Pakistan.
Needless to say, 90 per cent of Pakistani considers the life insurance policy as forbidden and sinful business or livelihood but I had succeeded in that domain.
I had been unveiling and eliminating the misconception which had been germinated between the nation.
The most crucial was that I had coaxed the religious majorities through open debates upon the light of sacred Scripture and their quotations.
Within this short span of my insurance career, I had devoured and advanced myself and had gained the element of pertinacity. I sold 21 insurance policies and inscribed my name between the most proficient and proven sales hunters of the insurance industry.

OM Services Agency
Jan 2010 - Feb 2011 | Karachi, Pakistan

It was sister company of Arshman Services Agency where I served as a media research co-coordinator where my tasks were to evaluate and submit the instantaneous reports about popularity and rating of different electronic media channels and to formulate the survey report as well as to coordinate with owners and the employees of different headends and subhead end all over Pakistan in which Dawn News, channel five were the premium clients to whom my agency was under agreement but later the company got closed down.

Arshuman Services Agency
Jun 2008 - Apr 2010 | Karachi, Pakistan

I worked as a Business Development Manager where I propounded the idea of establishing the media research division for Arshuman Services Agency.
The CEO of that agency windowed into my innovative idea which was hereafter, executed and operated by me and led a team of 10 the most impregnable skilled in the art of their trades.
Due to the skillfulness of that galaxy of marvellous brains and my perfectionism we triumphantly accomplished the contract from Aaj television, and we were assigned to spring their newly founded channel which is as known as Play Music which had been got rise among the Tv channels and my team aided that channel to stand upon his feet because of some misrepresentation and erroneous analysis portrayed by the rivals of Recorder News but unfortunately the founder of Anshuman got died in boat accident and foundation of the company had been begun shaken and gears of the company had been uncontrolled and the empire received downfall.

Orient Call center
Oct 2007 - Nov 2007 | Karachi, Pakistan

I worked for the world\'s most hardcore campaign which was known as AT&T. Since it was an Era of manual Dialing systems and was an outbound campaign even in days I managed to yield true sales within that short span of juncture. I sold in the neighborhood of 150 true converted sales then I did not stay for a long period because there was a misconception encircling the BPO that perhaps this industry would either vanish or would not mushroom or would not be understood by the people wherefore the vast majority quit or have switched to the different professions. If the reality is going to unlock so at times people used to pay for the call center training and I was among those people.

Tuition Center
Feb 2001 - Apr 2005 | Karachi, Pakistan

I served as a teacher for different classes and proved myself the best quality teacher


Karachi University
学士, 艺术学士, ‎
Political Science, Sociology, Advanced English
大专, Food And Beverage Management‎
Production, Management, Restaurant Services & Food Costing
Board of Intermediate Education Karachi
中级/A级, 艺术系, HUMANITIES‎
Education, Islamic Studies, Sociology
等级 C
St.Paul's English high school Saddar Karachi
大学入学/0级, 科学, Matriculation‎
Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science
等级 C+


熟练 Creative Campaign
熟练 Email Marketing
熟练 English Communication
熟练 English Written Communication
熟练 IT Sales
熟练 Negotiations
熟练 Sales
熟练 Upselling
熟练 high ability
熟练 high integrity
熟练 Sales Conversion
熟练 speak and understand in English
熟练 Speaking
熟练 support Skill
熟练 ability to type
熟练 Admin Assistantce
熟练 American Accent
熟练 Answering Inquiries
熟练 B2B
熟练 B2B Business Development
熟练 B2B Sales
熟练 B2C
熟练 BPO Supervision Skills
熟练 Brand Management
熟练 British Accent
熟练 Business Development
熟练 Business Development Strategies
中级 Business Portfolio Management
熟练 Call Canter Skills
熟练 Call Handling
熟练 Call Headlining
熟练 Clear & Concise Communicator
熟练 Client Aquisition
熟练 Client Dealing
熟练 Client Derailing
熟练 Client Management
中级 Client Profiles Management
熟练 Cold Calling
熟练 Cold Calling
中级 Collections Handling
熟练 Communication Skills
熟练 Complaint Handling
中级 Computer Knowledge
熟练 Consultative Approach
熟练 Content Audit
熟练 Content Marketing
熟练 Convincing People
中级 Coordination Skills
熟练 Coordination Skillss
熟练 Counter Billing


熟练 英语