On behalf of ROZEE.PK and the millions of job-seekers & employers who visit our website each day, we would like to thank all our Hall of Famers for their hard work in making ROZEE.PK more secure.

Congratulations to everybody who has participated!

Saad Khan
Nazeem Arif
Samuel Leach
Shahryer Malik
Mohammad Obaid
Ahmad Awais
Ali Razzaq
Daniyal Nasir
Ali Razzaq
Jay Patel
Aman Shahid
Kamran Saifullah
Saiyan Pride
Rehan Arain
Pruthvi Raj
Muhammad Abdullah
Punit maurya
Abdullah Khawaja
Anas Mahmood
Madni Sharif
Abdul Ali Khan
Akshat Dubey
Sahil Mehra
Rayan Nayteh
Pethuraj M
Umer Yousuf
Agung Saputra

If your name is on the list but is misspelled or incorrectly written, or you feel that your name should be on the list, please feel free to let us know at [email protected].