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STEP Institute of Professional Development Jobs

Lahore, Pakistan
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About STEP Institute of Professional Development

STEP is an innovative project of "The SAEL Movement" (Synergism for Advancement in Education Leadership), an effort to create a model system that shall symbolize an astounding learning environment in Pakistan.

"The SAEL Movement" is focused to build global competencies while catering to the local needs and is primarily working to offer opportunities to our society that are currently unavailable due to reasons innumerable. These opportunities must be in line with the global needs to create a sustainable demand of our local professionals.

"STEP" is yet the first step towards the progressive and innovative enhancement in education system at local & national level. STEP is working to provide global competencies to the pupils of Pakistan, who in past, have been moving to European countries and somehow or the other are causing problems related to "brain drain". Over the years, lots of our skilled people seem to have disenchanted from our base. If, only we could offer them the same quality higher education framework in Pakistan, our talent shall be able to serve its own nation with recognition from both local & global employers, industry and institutions.