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Dawood Group of Companies Jobs

Karachi, Pakistan
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About Dawood Group of Companies

The name Dawood is known to every one today and the generation owes it to elders whose dedicated efforts, sheer hard work and commitment to the cause, the cause of betterment to the country and self, placed them where they are today.

Dawoods, the people of vision and integrity are in business since decades. The elders started business even before the momentous changes that swept the sub-continent and culminated in the emergence of Pakistan.

Dawood companies always took initiative in making decisions to invest in the country. Preferring investment over trading in times when the word investment was not very popularly known in this country and diversifying to the vital industrial sector of engineering.

Dawood group companies not only contribute to the domestic needed but it also followed the much needed desire to earn the valuable foreign exchange for the country. The companies export variety of items from textile made-ups to non traditional high-tech value added engineering goods.