AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limited
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AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limited

ASD is a Pakistan based Software house developing financial applications which are being used by banks both locally and internationally. With years of experience in engaging with leading global banks and financial institutions, AutoSoft's modular fin...

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AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limitedجون ۲۴ - ۱۲:۴۵pm
AutoSoft’s Back Office Suite of products allows you to pick and choose which modules to combine and implement for enhanced functionality. The modules have been developed through the culmination of our experience, and are designed to help our clients meet their productivity challenges; maintain their competitive edge while increasing efficiency.
AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limitedجون ۲۴ - ۱۱:۵۴am
AutoSoft Dynamics provides solutions and support for all customer business needs through various touch points and gateways available in the market which include branch banking, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, IVR, Internet Banking and SMS banking.
AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limitedجون ۲۴ - ۱۱:۳۵am
Autosoft Automates Sindh Bank's Operations
AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limitedجون ۲۴ - ۱۱:۳۴am
AutoSoft's modular financial solutions give banks the confidence to start with their essential requirements but are flexible enough to seamlessly add new modules as and when their need arises.
AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limitedجون ۲۴ - ۱۱:۱۱am
Aside from conventional banking products, ASD has a strong portfolio of products catering to the fast-emerging Islamic Banking industry.
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