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Habib University


Habib University – a private, first-of-its-kind liberal arts and sciences university in Pakistan – is a much-needed addition to the higher education landscape in our region. Providing unmatched facilities, internationally qualified faculty, and a contextualized curriculum. Habib University offers an undergraduate experience comparable to the best universities of the world.

To take an entire institution from idea to reality requires vision, courage and innovation on best practices. Habib University has been made possible with the exceptional dedication of the House of Habib, along with a growing number of private philanthropists who have come on board to make high quality, contextually - relevant higher education accessible to Pakistan’s youth. The University’s guiding philosophy is encapsulated in the motto “Yohsin” – it is a verb that translates into the action one performs on oneself that produces in one’s person husn, this is grace; it orients towards ehsaan, that is, generosity, it makes one ehsan, excellent. At Habib University we translate Yohsin as ‘Thoughtful self-cultivation’ – and indeed this is the essential quality of both the genuinely educated and of genuine leadership. Yohsin encourages individuals to strive for constant self-cultivation in five key areas – Beauty, Passion, Respect, Service and Excellence.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Habib University community on behalf of its governors, management, faculty and staff. As each member of the community strives for excellence, he or she has the full support of Habib University and our constant regard for the shared commitments and mutual responsibilities, which bind us together as a community and team. Habib University will in-turn thrive in its mission to prosper through the dedication and passion of team members inspired by Yoshin’s ideals and their commitment to the highest levels of personal and professional achievement.

Guided by or mission to enrich lives and serve society, Habib University is looking for outstanding individuals to work at this world-class institute. Our aim is to develop a positive and progressive work environment in which the contributions of a diverse group of individuals are greatly values.

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