Halim Sol

Halim Sol

Halim Sol is a forward thinking technology company that provides software and hardware solutions to solve every day operational problems.

Working in partnership with a range of private sector organizations, we apply our expert knowledge and innovative technology to make business safer, and more secure while driving operational efficiencies.

• Halim Sol is a combined software and hardware solution that allows organizations to securely synchronize their mobile workforces.

• It allows security personnel to perform access control transaction anywhere, verify staff credentials and perform mustering in the event of an emergency.

• Utilized by oil and gas and universities, Halim Sol allows organizations to establish instant access points where traditional access methods are expensive or infeasible.

• Halim Sol empowers security operatives to perform spot checks and confirm workers with right skills are permitted to be in certain areas and gives first responders information at their fingertips to ensure a rapid and appropriate response to incidents.

Halim Sol is a cloud based system that can be used as standalone solution or can be integrated with:
• Access Control
• HR Software
• Time Attendance
• Health and Safety

Designed to be an easy solution, Halim Sol has clear and simple processes and a user friendly interface. I cloud base software connects to smartphones or tablets providing real-time information to your office or out to your mobile workforce with features including:

• Mobile Verification
• Task Assignment
• Incident Reporting
• Time and Attendance
• Mobile phone connection on demand
• Confirmation from Remote sites ,
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