Audio Profile
Eager to make that lasting first impression?
Let your voice be heard with the Rozee Audio Profile

Demonstrate your ability to be proactive - Record answers to the most common questions asked by potential employers to give them an even better representation of your capabilities.

Catch the attention of top employers

By pre-answering queries that a potential employer may have, you instantly stand out to them as the better hiring prospect than the competition.

Make that all-important first impression count!

What better opportunity to make a great first impression than a chance to speak with passion and determination - things that every employer is always on the lookout for!

Broadcast yourself on your Rozee profile

Prepare and answer all questions on our docket and add those audio recordings to your Rozee account, front and center to attract any visitor on your profile.

Why Create Audio Profile?

  • Catch the attention of top employers.
  • Make the all-important first impression count.
  • Broadcast yourself on your Rozee profile.
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PKR 3,000
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