Data Institute
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Data Institute

The Data Institute's mission is to teach and train people in the space of Data Science and AI. Our underlying goal is to train the next generation of skilled data scientists with substantial multidisciplinary understanding, broad analytical skills and technological abilities.
We teach essential skills like co-creation, leadership, networking, and building a team. Students at DIP learn first hand the grit and resilience it takes to start and grow a company.
Through our extensive mentorship opportunities and unique programs, we aim to connect our students with the leaders in Data Science and AI. Both our Instructors and board members have served in Tier-1 companies including Microsoft, Nvidia and Amazon.
We want to prepare our candidates for the Future by equipping them with the entrepreneurial toolkit, soft skills and a mindset to be successful, no matter where they end up after graduation.
We are not just building an institute. We are building an ecosystem!