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Individualland creates choices! As an innovative research-based consultancy and advocacy group we open up space for the individual. Our focus is the role of the media and to generate a peaceful discourse in society. We are working to increase the number of responsible journalists, media-literacy among citizens and a greater acceptance for different ways to live.Since its inception in June 4th 2007, it has worked on governance, rule of law, media communication skills, policing reforms, gender equity, youth development, strengthening civil society and democratic development. It is primarily funded by its members and trustees. It also draws on project funds provided by different donors or clients. Among others, our international partners include George Soros Open Society Institute (OSI), the Commonwealth Secretariat, National Endowment for Democracy, Royal Norwegian Embassy, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ,British High Commission, Department for International Development, Government of UK ,Friedrich Nauman Foundation, and the Asian Development Bank to mention a few. Individualland has a demonstrated track record of working with legislators and civil society organizations engaged in advocacy work with particular focus on training of media professionals. Hence, it has strong links on both sides, and has the experience of implementing initiatives aimed at strengthening and institutionalizing interaction between the civil society and parliamentary committees.