Pure Foods Company (Pvt) Ltd
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Pure Foods Company (Pvt) Ltd

pPure Foods Company was incorporated in April 2006. It is a food company using fruit juice processing and packaging as a stepping stone to enter into the food business which has made it one of the leading fruit juice manufacturing company of Pakistan. Pure Foods is producing premium quality Nectars and fruit based Juices in PET Bottles and TetraPak on most modern and state-of-the-art processing units. Top quality brands like SIPRUS and COOL are well known and in demand at home and internationally as well. After the success of juice products Pure Foods aims to diversify its excellence to other sectors like dairy and cereals which carries great potential. Pure Foods Company started its exports in 2007 and its products are now available in USA, Canada, Comoros Islands, Madagascar, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Indonesia. Awards FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration) BPOM (Indonesia)/p