RepairDesk (PVT) Limited
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RepairDesk (PVT) Limited

RepairDesk is a SaaS based integrated POS & ERP software designed specifically for cell phone repair industry so owners can focus primarily on growing their business and worry less about paper work. RepairDesk allows users to keep track of items for repair, set deadlines, assign employee certain tasks, save customer information, collect deposits, print repair tickets, and manage invoices and receipts. The idea is to maximize efficiency, from the time a customer walks in, to the time they return to pick up their device. RepairDesk also notifies employees when certain supplies are running low, and gives in-depth analytics that help businesses anticipate demand. Interested businesses can request a demo or sign up directly from our website. We currently offer 3 plans for businesses – starter, standard, and advanced, depending on the number of employees and the number of stores a business operates.