Softplugs Technologies
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Softplugs Technologies

Softplugs Technologies (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. was recently incorporated in September 2019 for the Vehicle anti-theft project. The company believes in customer needs but also believe that employees are the main players. They are the face and success of the company. Giving them the sense of responsibility and freedom to be creative, innovative and successful team players leads to customer satisfaction and the success of the company. Softplugs Technologies aims to better human lives by:-

1. Positive market impact
2. Imprinting innovative technologies into human lives.
3. Human life and vehicle security and
4. Self-empowerment.
Softplugs Technologies aims at providing system development solutions from software creation to hardware recommendation and installation. Following is a list of business line for the company which will be included but not limited to :-
i. Vehicle anti-theft systems (Proposed project)
ii. Machine learning
iii. Software Development
iv. Website development (basic to e-commerce)
v. Mobile applications
vi. Mobile games
vii. IoT smart projects
viii. Systems Analysis for existing and new business.
ix. ICT Skills development and training.