Experienced professional with 13 years of diverse experience in the field of Inbound customer support (Calls/LiveChats/Emails) and 4 years Office Assistant in Qatar. Possesses a Degree in MBA (Human Resources Management) from Virtual University of Pakistan, a Diploma in Informations and Systems Management from Aptech Computer Education, Qatar. Also holds a TOEFL certification from TOEFL Qatar Foundation, highlighting excellent English language skills.

During the initial stages of my career, I gained valuable industry exposure through internships and work placements at reputable institutions such as Soneri Bank, Lahore and Pembrokeshire College, UK. This allowed me to develop an understanding of banking operations and educational administration.

Currently serving as a Customer Support Executive at Effimize, Lahore and previously at Outkom Enterprises, Mindbridge Pvt Ltd and Support Solutions Hub in Lahore. I am responsible for providing exceptional support and assistance to clients, ensuring their satisfaction and maintaining a high level of customer retention.

Possessing a wide range of skills, I excel in areas such as basic computer and internet research skills, coaching and supervising, as well as listening and speaking. These skills have enabled me to effectively communicate with clients, resolve issues, and provide tailored solutions.


Skincare YouTube VLog


Customer Support Executive
Effimize Pvt Ltd
Jan 2023 - Feb 2024 | Lahore, Pakistan

Worked for UK based client Hoppa worldwide airport transfer provider  Handling Customer and business Partner Inquiries via Zendesk Email, LiveChats and Inbound Calls Resolving Customer/Partner Complaints in specific turnaround time. Making following up outbound calls to affiliate partners and Customers to resolve their issues Investigating customer reviews and inquiries via Email & Live Chats (Verloop)  Ensure to provide First Contact resolution in most effective way

Customer Support Executive
Outkom Enterprises
Aug 2022 - Dec 2022 | Lahore, Pakistan

Worked for UK based client Atlas Cars of London Handling Inbound calls, customer bookings, reservations and inquiries. Managing travel, journey-related issues of customers via real-time dispatch and tracking software Cordic Achieve and maintain all performance, productivity and quality targets 

Customer Support Executive
Mindbridge Pvt Ltd
Oct 2020 - Jul 2022 | Lahore, Pakistan

Worked for UK-based client \'UberEATS\', resolving live and non-live issues and concerns of Eaters, Restaurants, and Delivery Partners, and determining whether the matter should be escalated to the client for further processing. Resolving inquiries through \'Salesforce\' tickets.

Customer Support Executive
Support Solutions Hub Pvt Ltd
Apr 2019 - Jun 2019 | Lahore, Pakistan

Order processing taxi bookings for Uk based client City Taxis by taking details from customers based in Sheffield, UK Name, Contact No, Pickup address, Drop off address including Bus, Train & Airport bookings and sending for dispatch

Team Lead - Transcription
Odacious Web Pvt Ltd
Jan 2019 - Mar 2019 | Lahore, Pakistan

Quality Checking subtitled VLogs on YouTube by transcribers. As a result, I provided quality subtitles to the management with a reliable transcription team. By using YouTube CC software, I have transcribed various YouTube Vlogs including Beauty, Fashion, Skincare, Games, Astrology, Product reviews, Animal/Pet reviews and Med school life. Please click the link https://youtu.be/48CcDQ2OrjA to view the clean verbatim which I had transcribed by clicking CC in the video.

English Subtitler/Transcriber
ePlanet Communications (Pvt) Ltd.
Jul 2017 - Dec 2018 | Lahore, Pakistan

Creating subtitles for US-based client Netflix in software and Quality Control by working with digitized versions of completed feature films and using specifically developed subtitling software which allows sound manipulation frame by frame. While carefully watching and listening to the entire film, Tv Series or Documentary all dialogue, music and sound effects are translated into two-line written captions. Making editorials decisions about whether certain lines or words can or should be deleted, ensuring that each caption or line is describing all relevant sound effects, singing, music, dialogue and voice-overs/narration which have to be easy to read and use of correct grammar and punctuation. Everything is reviewed and written/typed after all these processes are completed by comparing it to the actual dialogue.As a result, I and my team members provided quality English subtitles for the client with less supervision. I created subtitles on company customized software for various movies, documentaries, TV Shows, TV Series by following all the transcription guidelines. After completion of Transcription and Subtitling work, I used to proofread, edit .srt file, submit it in time and update it on Google Sheets.

Clerk cum Purchaser
Al Wattan Al Arabi Projects WLL
Aug 2012 - Nov 2016 | Doha, Qatar

Job duties performed by me were as follows: 1) Purchasing materials, tools and spare parts for staff and workers 2) Handling customer & client calls and inquiries 3) Business correspondence by email 4) Preparing & posting daily income, expense, quotations, timesheets & delivery details of staff & workers 5) Preparing cash receipt from customers 6) Preparing cash & cheque receipts from clientsThis experience positioned me to carry out business operations and correspondences with less supervision under the Business Development Manager and positioned me to get a know-how of operations in a warehouse workshop and to deal with Indian, Nepali, Bangladeshi and even Qatari employers/employees and customers. This position has equipped me to fulfill the job requirements.

CSR (Order Processing)
TransData International
Feb 2012 - Apr 2012 | Lahore, Pakistan

1)Prepared and processed customer orders in a timely manner to ensure on-time delivery by using dedicated software 2)Respond to customer email inquiries & develop a rapport with customers 3)Worked directly with supervisors to confirm orders were properly delivered 4)Working with co-workers in order to minimize workload

Dubai International Tech
Sep 2011 - Nov 2011 | Lahore, Pakistan

1. Deliver prepared sales talks, reading from scripts that describe products or services,
in order to persuade potential customers to purchase a product or service.
2. Adjust sales scripts to better target the needs and interests of specific individuals.
3. Explain products or services and prices, and answer questions from customers.
4. Obtain customer information such as name, address, payment method
and enter orders into computers.
5. Assisting the Supervisor with training and motivating new batch Telesales Reps

Soneri Bank Limited
Nov 2010 - Dec 2010 | Lahore, Pakistan

1.Clearing department including Outward Bill Collections [OBC]

2.Account opening


Legal Transcriptionist
Feb 2010 - Mar 2010 | Lahore, Pakistan

1. Listening and converting files to text for UK clients.
2. Work of Transcribing legal audio dictation in word document,
3. Proofreading & Ability to use related equipment & Software

Customer Service Executive
Jul 2008 - Mar 2009 | Lahore, Pakistan

for USA based client SpinVox
at Microconnexion, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
1.Capturing Speech and Converting/Typing to Text
2.Listening and converting voicemails to text
3.Coached new batch employees for Quality Assurance

Work Placement in Admin Dept
Pembrokeshire College, UK
Oct 2001 - Nov 2001 | South Glamorgan, United Kingdom

1. Typing applications
2. Course materials
3. Organizing files and folders


Virtual University of Pakistan
硕士, 工商管理硕士学位, HRM‎
Human Resource Management
Forman Christian College
学士, 艺术学士, Bachelors in Arts‎
English Language and Literature
等级 C+
Jinnah Foundation Higher Secondary School
中级/A级, 艺术系, Faculty of Arts‎
Computer Science, English, English Literature
等级 C+
Ideal Indian School
大学入学/0级, 艺术, Matric‎
English, Mathematics, Social Sciences
等级 C


中级 CRM Handling
熟练 Computer/Technical Literacy
中级 Corporate HR Departments
熟练 Excellent Verbal and Written Communication
中级 HR Policies
初学者 Internet Recruiting
初学者 360 Recruitment
熟练 Ability To Meet Deadlines
熟练 Academic Researching
熟练 Accoount Management
初学者 Accounts Administration
熟练 Accurate Record Keeping
熟练 Active Listening
熟练 Ad Hoc Networks
中级 Adminstrative Operations
初学者 Advisory Work
中级 Aesthetic Procedures Knowledge
中级 American Incessant
初学者 Analytic Reporting
初学者 Article Creation
熟练 Audio Transcription
熟练 Boldness
中级 BPO Supervision Skills
中级 British Accent
熟练 Business & Commerce
中级 Business Development Consultancy
中级 Business Knowledge
中级 C Level Communication Skills
熟练 Call Support
熟练 Chat Support
熟练 Client Deaaling
中级 Client Deaing
初学者 Client Derailing
熟练 Close Attention to Detail
中级 Composition Knowledge
熟练 Computer Operator Jobs
熟练 Conservation Awareness
中级 Cooordination Skills
熟练 coordinate people
熟练 Coordination Abilities
初学者 Corporate HR Department
初学者 Creative Writing
中级 Customer Acquisition Skills
中级 Customer Analysis
中级 Customer Care Representation
中级 Customer Dealing 
熟练 Customer Satisfaction Management
中级 Customer Sercies
中级 Customer Service
熟练 Customer Service Representation


初学者 阿拉伯语
中级 旁遮普语
中级 印度语
中级 乌尔都语
熟练 英语



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