Khalid & Khalid Group of Companies Pvt Ltd

Khalid & Khalid Group of Companies Pvt Ltd

Khalid & Khalid Group of companies is well recognized group in Pakistan. Group is committed to running business successfully and efficiently, providing long-term benefits to employees as well as other shareholders, and enriching the lives of those whom it serves by fulfilling its corporate responsibility to the best of its ability. We ensure excellence in all processes, such as policy formation, accounting procedures, product development or customer service. We serve in the fields of Automobiles, Transportation, import of heavy machinery and construction. Group is comprised of following sub-companies;
• Toyota Rawal Motors (PVT) Ltd. (TRM)
• Frontier Ceramics Limited (Public) Ltd. (FCL)
• Rawal Industrial Equipment (RIE)
• Islah Trust of Pakistan
• Khalid and Khalid Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (KKH)
• Khalid and Khalid Trailers Pvt. Ltd. (KKT)
• Khalid & Khalid Builders Pvt. Ltd. (KKB
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