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MCB Bank Limited, with more than 60 years of experience as one of the leading banks in Pakistan, was incorporated on July 9 in 1947. The bank has journeyed remarkable tenure of more than half a century of competitively edged and well positioned... read more »

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We are looking for Teller Services Officers (Fresh), apply by clicking the link
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We are looking for Branch Manager, apply by clicking the link
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We are looking for Branch Operations Manager, apply by clicking the link
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We are looking for Credit Officer, apply by clicking the link
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We are looking for General Banking Officer - Sales (Experienced), apply by clicking the link
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We are looking for Trade Officer, apply by clicking the link
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We are looking for General Banking Officer - Services (Experienced), apply by clicking the link
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Maintained 23 plus years of shining streak of academic brilliance and direct hands—on progressively responsible professional & learning avenues experiences in the senior management that includes but not limited to Active Investment / Customer Relationship / Operations Management & Interventions.

“Business Development Officer & Sales Coordinator” in Meezan Bank
Limited (Premier Islamic Bank in Pakistan) From 2008—To—2011.

Learning & Professional Activities:
• Assist first time customers in opening Bank accounts.
• Deals with walk—in Customers enquire & ensure resolution.
• Subjective accessor for the suitability of prospective customer.
• Facilitating the Customers in filling the AOF (Account Opening Form), providing clarifications & necessary assistance.
• Verifying Photostats & carefully studying all required documents including Stamping as True Copy / Original seen.
• It is my responsibility too to affix the Stamp of Signature Admitted / Verified by the Operations Manager.
• Obtaining undertaking from the Customer on Bank’s prescribed format if the Signature / Address is differ from CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card), NICOP (National Identity Card of Overseas Pakistani) or POC (Pakistan Origin Card) etceteras.
• Being an Account Opening / Business Development Officer filling as well as signing authority for KYC.
• Confirming the customer’s reference through Tele / Cell phone call must be recorded in KYC.
• Handle mystery shoppers promptly and efficiently.
• Ensure the presence of customer @ the time of A/c opening along with required credentials including Original CNIC.
• Joint Controller / Custodian of A/c opening form, Requisite testimonials & Initial deposit complied with including Introduction reference etceteras.
• Sending letter of thanx to NTB (New—to—Bank) & to the introducer if any.
• Critically reviewed / examined Client report from the previous bank or DFI (Department of Financial Institutions) in case of non face—to—face Online Customers.
• It is my statutory obligations to know the Internal Customers i.e. colleagues / fellow workers and External Customers i.e. ultimate beneficial owner of the funds.
• Being prudent Banker getting maximum reliable information to make correct decisions about the Customer for evaluating its genuineness and true identity.
• While opening the A/c of Sole Proprietor nature verifying the NTNC (National Tax Number Certificate) from
• Being a Designated Officer of Customer Services Department taken Zakat declaration & Letter of Indemnity for uneven, vernacular or non—roman script signature(s) from the Customer.
• I am Holier than the Pope (actions without involvement of seniors)
• Providing customer services on branch floor.
• Seen to be doing (Observing that all are implemented or not).
• Focus over CAMELS (Capital, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, and Sensitivity (Creditworthiness Assessment System).
• Awareness of e—CIB (Electronic Credit Information Bureau, which is located in Pakistan). eCIB is a software for monitoring credit reports for Pakistan. The State Bank of Pakistan monitors the Software and all the Financial Institutions in Pakistan are required to have this software installed. A monthly process updates the reports at the State Bank end.
The purpose of Electronic Credit Information Bureau (eCIB) is to capture credit data and to provide online information of consumer and corporate borrowers to the financial industry. For financial institutions, eCIB is divided into two areas:
i. Data Inquiry System
ii. Data Capturing System
• Issuance of Cheque Books, Visa Debit Cards & Internet Banking in the absence of SQC (Service Quality Coordinator).
• Strictly follow the rules of conduct in respect of attendance, discipline & dress code.
• Coordination with Hajj & Umrah Customers.
• Periodically visit with the Branch Manager for touch & go meeting with customers and get the information about services, complains and ensure the smooth relationship with the Bank.
• Taking Account Opening request from Customer to Account processing on T—24 Banking Software, Account Opening Verification Timeliness, Completion & Submission of Account Opening Form in all respect without any discrepancies & sent to Centralized Account Opening (CAO) on the same day.
• Sorting out A/Cs discrepancy intimation timelines via T—24 Portal.
• It is my responsibility for highlighted discrepancies must be removed and duly submitted to Centralized Account Opening within 03 working / business days.
• Ensure proper attrition management process for entire deposits by continuous follow ups, Personal Visits, Phone Calls, Email etceteras; on timely basis and live pipelines of existing customers.
• Assist Internees / Students of the Institutes of Business Administration, Islamic Banking & Finance; etceteras.
• Co-ordination with dealers to ensure timely delivery of vehicles.
• Helping in to achieve the assigned branch sales target by generating deposits and cross selling of other Consumer products like Car Ijarah, Islamic Housing Finance, Labbaik Hajj / Umrah, Mutual Funds & Asset Management etceteras.
• Responding day to day compliance issues ensuring proper KYC (Know your Customer) interview / review regime, Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD) and AML (Anti—Money Laundering) monitoring with best practices.
• Contacting regular basis to Customers of Dormant A/Cs.
• Fully supported too by Direct Sales Staff who are working / focusing on outbound sales, core deposit mobilization and maximization of prospects through the strategy of feet—on—street and new—to—bank customer accounts; on achieving their tightly fitted deadlines of monthly / business deposits.
• Fully understand & comprehend the concepts of Customer Services structure that is neither targeting oriented nor directly involved in generating business.
• Maintaining on daily basis Time Management Schedule as Lead Floor Manager.
• Screening, Filtering & Searching NTB (New—to—Bank from the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDNBP), Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and Watch List Management (WLM) solutions.
• Remain professional and calm even in high—pressure situations.
• Honest and be careful about customer confidentiality.
• Foster and enhance client relationship with the Mass Market Customers, with special focus on their personal, financial and investments needs.
• Maintain client loyalty and promote brand identity by providing excellent customer services via regular updates and reviews on the range of products as & when the bank offer and the clients’ financial needs.
• Processing all new account transactions in T—24 environment and assist customers in the selection of various accounts and banking investment options.
• Visiting with Direct Sales Staff the Sites in case of Business / Import—Export / General Traders etcetera A/cs.
• Executing Islamic Banking transactions under the umbrella of PDSC (Product Development & Shariah Compliance) Department for Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence.
• Preparation & Issuance of Certificates of Islamic Investments (COII) i.e. Fixed Term / Time Deposit Receipts / Rates / Ratios.
• My role too from prospecting and cold calling to visiting potential clients & closing the deal as well as staying in touch in order to maximize revenue potential.
• Performing Courtesy reply mail, or CRM, sends pre—printed self — addressed envelopes or postcards to customers.
• Covering Customer due diligence and record—keeping; CDD also known as Capability Development Document.
• Obtained complete information on the Customers anticipated volume & type of activity to be conducted across the A/C like Deposits & Withdrawals including Inward / Outward Remittances transactions based on tangible assets and real services.

Our broad and hugely flexible, T24 of Temenos (The Banking Software Company) banking platform enables us to offer our clients a choice of a Model Bank software implementation, with best practice processes built in, or a more tailored implementation for clients preferring differentiation. As Business Development Officer & Labbaik Coordinator I am responsible for performing intermediate duties and support related to branch operational activities and financial services; processes all new account transactions; assisting customers in their selection of various accounts and financial services; cross—selling the Bank's products; opening, maintaining and closing of all account types; performing branch clerical duties; promoting business for the Bank by maintaining good customer relations and referring customers to appropriate staff for new services.

Featuring T24 Islamic banking Software functionality comprises:
• Ijarah
• Istisna
• Murabaha
• Musharaka
• Diminishing Musharkah.

Before Opening any kind of Account(s) must seeing Customer relationship management (CRM) Dynamics provides common metrics across the enterprise for better sales tracking & forecasting.

The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client services. Being a Business Development Officer & Labbaik Coordinator usually work in open plan offices with other Business Development / Personal Banking Officers, Floor / Preferred Relationship / Personal Banking Managers and Consumer Bankers etceteras; and deal with customers demands and queries primarily over the telephone, but also by email and occasionally face to face.

Our complete end—to—end CDD / KYC solution offers a complete, enterprise—wide approach to managing the CDD / KYC requirements from initial onboarding to ongoing due diligence; which reduces total cost of IT ownership while minimizing risk throughout the customer lifecycle.
Earning big dividends by taking several trainings on Customer Relationship Management, Operations—Audit Readiness and Customer Retention etceteras; because it is a key, where as research clearly shows that it is much cheaper to manage existing customers compared to marketing booking new A/Cs.

Well trained in asking for referrals after the successful completion of sale; which is no doubt now turned & developed into a habit.

In order to increase the focus @ the Branch level on Customer Relationship / Portfolio / Tail Management it has been decided that the concept will be adopted since this represents a Paradigm Shift for Branch Managers.

Multi—functional Campaigner / Companion / Driven performer in the year 2010 for overall a) CASA (Current A/c & Saving A/c) CASA accounts are most prominent in middle & southeast Asia and are an attempt to combine savings and checking accounts to entice customers to keep their money in the banks.

The current account portion pays no or very low Riba—Free, while the savings portion pays an above average Halal returns. They are offered free or for a fee depending on minimum or average balance requirements. b) Cross—Selling / Consumer Finance Products.

However & whenever Product launches, it is my obligation like similar to previous diverse marketing collateral has also been placed @ Branches / Markets such as standing banners / pamphlets and giveaways to selected Customers through a Computerized Client Contact Management System i.e. SMS (Sales Monitoring System) reason being Sales is a contact sport & daily prospecting for new Business is the key to every salesperson’s long term Financial & Professional success.

Being an one of the Owner of the target deposits for the Branch & Bank using the S.M.A.R.T (Stretching, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic Time—bound) Objectives which organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture

• Immediate authority to report is Branch Manager & directly Liaisons with:
1. Area Manager
2. Floor Manager
3. Regional Manager
4. Operations Manager
5. Online Activity Monitor
6. National Sales Manager
7. Preferred Relationship Manager

IT Skills / Internet geek:
• Live experience of Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Oracle Self Service HR (SSHR) and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Software’s.
• Excessive degree of IB (Islamic Banker) & T—24 Banking Software’s Portals and survive in full swing on all net applications too with latest multithreaded weapons with straight shots over the bow of Microsoft environmental packages.

The purpose of the job is to plan and execute Corporate Communication strategies of the Bank while over heading all forms of corporate communication and Public relations activity; planning, executing and maintaining projects involving but not limited to web technologies and Corporate Communication.

The core responsibilities of the positions include but not limited to:
1. Content generation, drafting and management of all corporate communications including Press Releases, Annual Report, Newsletters, Customer Letters, Online Social Digital Media / Online Publications, Internal Communication & Announcements
2. Content Generation for Website and all social media
3. Public Relations Management by providing regular press releases to the national and international press and media
4. Overhead the content / text for all collateral brochures, banners, press ads, electronic media etc.
5. Maintenance and update of information on all Online Presence on 3rd party websites (Wikipedia, PBA, SBP, etc.)
6. Develop and Manage the Banks CSR Strategy
7. Event Management organizing seminars, exhibitions, branch inaugurations etc.
8. Developing online marketing spend allocations and proposals
9. Establish good relationship with selected PR / Marketing agencies and Technology vendors of the Bank to ensure rapid response capability
10. Regularly providing Innovative creative corporate communication, online presence, business development and technology project ideas and concepts
11. Proving and proposing innovative creative ideas with analysis and recommendations for new projects and Online Presence Activity.
12. Planning projects (e.g. Annual Report, Newsletter, Calendar etc.) in order to accomplish its goals within the resource constraints
13. Communication with departments pertaining to Project information and development
14. Evaluation and Reporting of performance statistics and project progress
15. Develop and ensure consistency in templates for communication and marketing channels
Management Consulting Since—1997!
• Integrated Business Resource, Corporate Investigative Research and Financial Criminological Disorders Interventions Management (Investigative Due Diligence, Financial Crime Investigations, Counter Fraud / Corruption Solutions and Third-Party Risk Management).
• Islamic Financial & Investment Consultancy Managing Associates and Counterparts, Wealth Management, Level Tax & Regulatory Legislators.
• Islamic Jurisprudence Advocates, Financial & Investment Consultancy Managing Associates & Counterparts, Wealth Management, Level Tax & Regulatory Legislators, Interpersonal Conflict & Criminological Disorders Interventionists, Corporate Legal Counsels and Commercial Risk Control / Pre—Litigate Claims / Debt Collection / Resolutions & Arbitration Attorneys.

With all our experience academically & professionally I reach to only one conclusion that we are just damaging the excellent system by putting hard text, twisted transaction & using Sharia as the binding on simple transactions. Just remember one thing for a Morabaha that it is trade financing in which Morahib request & Rab—al—Maal act. Morahib complete the transaction as per contract by investing its Arboon as Equity in the transaction which is the cover against the financing and goods in trade remain in the control of Rab—al—Maal till the final end. Rab—al—Maal has a right to sell the goods if the goods are not sold within the contract period and take the advantage of Arboon by reducing the portion of sale price. Morahib cannot increase the sale price agreed between the two however in case of stock remain unsold price can be decrease. Morahib cannot be agent of the Rab—al—Maal nor is entitle to take funds for procurement of goods, Morabaha is a very simple transaction, but we make it as difficulty & possible to prove that we know every bit of the mode & the rest are ignorant.

Professional Affiliations, Outreaches, Collaborations, Reciprical Referral Relations and Associate Courts Attorney!
Brigadier Dr. Shafaat Nabi Khan Sherwani, SI Rtd.
M.A, PGD—Shariah (IIU), B.Sc, LLB, LLM, Ph.D Law (UK)

Formerly (1998—2013)
• Director Legal NAB, Sindh.
• Adjunct Professor of Law Hamdard University Karachi.
• Director Legal Services, Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan.
• Adviser & Standing Counsel for National Logistic Cell—Sindh.
• Deputy Prosecutor General Accountability (DPGA), NAB Sindh.
• Member International Legal Committee International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Headquarters, Montréal, Canada.

However, whenever, wherever & for forever you are awesome to contact us for any assistance as we teach people what we most need to learn. So enough is said & done, thank you but no thanks we must avail regular chit—chats with additional options & re—engineer passion, intimacy, commitment & knowledge.


Inamullah Ansari
M.Sc, M.A, LL.B, ISO9000
+923332244634 / +923002176393.
[email protected]
Director—Pakistan Khair For Families, Australia.
(Advocate High Courts & Adjunct Faculty Correspondent).

Khair For Families Ltd. ACN: 161 470 186; ABN: 37 161 470 186; Registration Date: 30/11/2012. Australian Public Company, Limited By Guarantee; Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission Locality of Registered Office: MERRYLANDS NSW 2160, Australia.

State—of—the—Art Shariah Compliant Money, Islamic Finance / Banking News and Updates. Advised to ensure extension of special assistance and due care extended maximum assistance and priority to senior citizens, disabled and handicapped persons in using their financial services as far as possible in meeting their genuine Islamic Banking or investment needs / services in order to alleviate their hardship.

"We Musalmans in general & young men in particular do not know the value of money. A paisa is saved today is two paisa tomorrow, four paisa after that & so on and so forth. Because of our Addiction to living beyond means and borrowing money we lost our sovereignty over this sub—continent".

Corporate Headquarters and The Structured Court of Financial Arbitration-Attorney Clients Privileges Consulting Chambers Driving Directions @ Suite # 1/6—A, Ground Floor, b/w American English Language Centre & Nursery Fly Over, Mohtarma Laeeque Begum Road, Commercial Area, Block—6, PECHS, Off Shahrah—e—Faisal, Karachi — 75350; Pakistan. PTCL Land Lines (+9221) 34388088 / 34388089 / 35487804.
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We are looking for General Banking Officer - Sales (Experienced), apply by clicking the link
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interview was on 8 jan 2016
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Im waleed khalid ,having 4 year sales experience in banking field.I was working with UBL,having almost 2.5year banking sales experience & 2 year Bancassurance sales experience in HBL.So Im offering my services for MCB as a GBO'sales.
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Sir, i m Saqib Mehmood, my father died during service in MCB in 1998 as Guard. Please give me a chance for the work in MCB. Now a day i m doing a job in GEPCO as Meter Reader but i want to work with ur institution becoz my father serve this institution till death. please recommend me for GBO. i will never disappointed u. my contact no. 03016649673 and my email i.d [email protected]
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We are looking for General Banking Officer-Services Position for Fresh Graduates, apply by clicking the link
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I am young of 26 with great zeal of work and also MBA. plz give me a chance, Irfan Ahmad cell #0334-6728301
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We are looking for General Banking Officer-Services Position for Fresh Graduates, apply by clicking the link
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