Ascertia (Pvt) Ltd.

Ascertia (Pvt) Ltd.

Ascertia Pvt. Limited a multinational software development company, specializing in the field of IT Security and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

Ascertia is a privately funded ISO 9001:2000 certified company, managed from UK, Dubai and have an offshore development office in Lahore. Ascertia's primary objectives are to provide next-generation PKI products and best of breed professional services. Ascertia has a distinct goal "to make PKI simple, cost-effective and transparent to the end user". Every aspect of our business is conducted with this goal in mind.
Ascertia's global customers include various government systems in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the USA. We also have various global financial customers, we work with major tel-cos, mobile phones companies and mobile operators, managed service providers of various types and other commercial organizations.
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