Ascertia (Pvt) Ltd.

Ascertia (Pvt) Ltd.

Ascertia is a UK limited company. The focus of the company is the development of high trust PKI products particularly focused on long-term digital signatures, mainly sold through our global partner network.
Ascertia is a recognized brand for high trust cryptographic security. A good number of the security industry leaders recommend or resell Ascertia products. Gartner rates Ascertia very well for our leadership position in providing high trust digital signature solutions and our global delivery capability.
We are a successful global provider of products and services with a friendly and caring approach to our colleagues. We are a friendly team of people that focus on getting the right relationships with our key partners and clients.
Around the world, there are approximately 100 staff with a strong focus on R&D and technical high trust sales. Ascertia has seen strong year on year growth and needs to expand it Customer Service and Operational teams.
There is excellent growth potential at Ascertia. There is no limit to the progress a successful candidate can make. We are heavily dependent on the personal skills and experience people bring and the way these can be harnessed for a company and personal success.
Product Information
Since 2001, Ascertia has been a global leader in delivering high-trust solutions for digital signatures, timestamping, certificate validation, certificate issuance. Ascertia has two strategic products:
SigningHub (more business focused) delivers a complete signing solution enabling organisations to workflow documents for digital signature approval. When integrated into core business applications or used standalone, SigningHub optimises how internal and external users can review, approve and sign documents at any time on any device. Available as an on-premise product, private cloud service or multi-tenanted public cloud service.
ADSS Server (more technical focused) is an advanced framework product that offers a full ran
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