Falcon Adventure Club

Falcon Adventure Club

Our individual identities are greatly defined by the groups to which we belong. By developing a sense of bonding and importance, Falcon Adventure Club unfolds life in many invigorating and meaningful ways. This club does not only facilitate people explore new dimensions in adventure tourism but also help them to connect with the world at large by inaugurating healthy group activities. We aim to provide congenial sport as well as training for unforeseen natural calamities. We endeavor to be professional and brisk in all our operational standards and events.

Falcon Adventure Club. Here, we intend to make people happy by letting themselves free from all the worldly tensions. Our motto is to promote the importance of physical as well as mental health for the members. A person can’t give his/her best unless he/she is physically and mentally fit. At least a trip, per annum, enjoying the company of nature in the hilly and greenish mountains of Pakistan’s northern areas will serve the purpose.
Our team at Falcon Adventure Club is dedicated to investigating, scheduling and leading an array of activities ranging from the cultural to the physical to the somewhat off-the-wall. Once a member, you decide which activities appeal to you and fit into your schedule. It couldn't be more convenient. There is no pressure and only a few requirements, the first being that you have fun.
Falcon Adventure Club was founded in 2011 by the adventure enthusiast from different background of adventure sports and Tourism. Mr. Saad
Tariq Siddiqi was nominated as the first President of Falcon Adventure Club.
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