Gold Transmit Network Technology (Sialkot Branch)

Gold Transmit Network Technology (Sialkot Branch)

Mission of GT
Gold Transmit Network Technology PVT LTD Pakistan is one of the top network marketing companies currently in Pakistan. Indeed Gold Transmit (GT) is only hope for all network marketers to full fill their dreams. The possible reasons are its easier marketing plan, daily withdrawal directly into bank, basic daily products, and passive income.
Unlike other Multilevel Marketing Companies in Pakistan Gold Transmit have most attractive sharing, network and agencies plans where one can easily earn money without convincing, motivating and special marketing skills. Reason is selection of daily necessary products (grocery) , cash in and out through banking system , cash back from own sharing (investment) , high incentives on small targets , physical departmental stores and offices around Pakistan and Chinese professional management .
Gold Transmit Network Technology PVT LTD is china based company started its work in Pakistan in 2016 with new concept of rebate , which is basically Return of a portion of a purchase price by a seller to a buyer . GT is giving 100% rebate on all type of products starting from its main products i.e. grocery items to motorbikes, fans and even on cars and property. GT is claiming that it will give its all customers rebate/refund on all type of expenses, investments and luxury items if purchased from GT stores or its merchants on specific formula which is 0.05% per day.
Gold Transmit Network Technology PVT LTD Pakistan got great success magnetize networkers and investors during the year 2017 and 2018 and its customer and sale increased tremendously . Every customer is a happy customer and enjoying rebate policy on purchase, special bonus on referring new customer and high profit ratio on sharing (investments) in GT different projects.
In Pakistan GT fulfill all government requirements which are necessary to start business in Pakistan and got registration from all concerns. It helps its customer to work with GT more confidently and proud. Thousands of testimonials already who started work in GT and are very happy with GT shopping system , Rebate policy , network and income plan and benefits they are getting from Gold Transmit Network Technology PVT LTD Pakistan.
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