Holidaygenie, our business is IT maintenance
Holidaygenie is a software company created in Karachi to provide IT support to its parent Travel Company based in London.
Established in 2005, we have spent over a year in helping our parent company to harness the full potential and power of our IT systems.
We have worked with our parent company in providing smarter and more cost effective travel software product, publishing the boundaries to best suit their needs.
Our support services includes both back office system and travel website, with flexibility to mix-and-match cover for different systems or requirements, from standard office hours cover via telephone and remote support through to full 24/7 monitoring with on-site call-out coverage for mission-critical system.
With a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the business were in, we will be planning to create and maintain IT system, network and internet solution for a wide range if clients of all sizes in wide range of industries.
Our remit falls into two mail areas: IT consultancy & support.
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