iENGINEERING (Private) Limited

iENGINEERING (Private) Limited

piENGINEERING (Private) Limited is a privately owned firm that provides technology solutions to organizations across the globe. We specialize in the design, development, and implementation of custom-built solutions that allow our clients’ organizations to stay in line with the latest trends in technology. Our solutions are designed with a customer-centric approach and are tailored to fit our clients’ specific needs. They are robust, reliable, scalable, and customizable to an extent that allows the organizations to adapt quickly and transform their businesses conveniently. Our humble beginnings date back to 2002 when we started off as an “Information Engineering Company” with the aim of providing engineering software and collaborative e-business applications to the transportation industry. With time, our skill-set evolved and we became specialists in data management, cloud infrastructure, and web and mobile applications development. Our reputation grew rapidly and today iENGINEERING is proud to be one of the most prominent technology solution providers globally./p

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