Ora-Tech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Ora-Tech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Ora-Tech is an industry-focused technology firm. We achieve measurable business results for you using worlds best database technology and a strategic and complementing suite of applications. Applications that enhance your operational performance, optimize your value chain, and improve your bottom line. Ora-Tech has the distinction of being the first Oracle Certified Solution Partner (OCSP) in Pakistan.

Our co-founders have retained the same belief they embraced when they established Ora-Tech in 1990: lead from the front. Our team is our asset; some of the most talented, best trained, and most experienced people in their domains, talk business or technology. Whether working at remote project sites, late at night, or over the weekends: we deliver on time and within budgets. That is why our first 10 customers have not only been our footmarks for the last 10 years but have also proved to be reference landmarks for our subsequent customers.

Our success spells strategy: long-term business vision and managing our resources prudently. No wonder our representations of technology leaders like Oracle Corporation and MRO Software have graduated to strategic business relationships. Relationships built upon solid commitments of one result and common benefit, achieved one at a time.
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