Edugate Publications

Edugate Publications

Edugate Publications has always carried forward the long-term goal of bettering the quality of how the written word is presented and disseminated across the country. After covering many media of print, from books to journals, magazines to catalogues, we started thinking about how we could make a difference in the art we capture on paper. That’s when our focus turned inwards and we reflected upon how the print world can do something good for future generations.

The future lies in our schools and what they teach. The solution lies in seriously challenging the status quo and creating textbooks that inspire and motivate, encourage and inquire.

Edugate Publications began its foray into creating – from scratch – pre-primary and primary grade textbooks. Following the national curriculum and adding out-of-the-box lessons and content, our line of textbooks brings critical thinking and fun to learning. Filled with information and colourful designs, these books aim to instill a love for learning in our children and a sense of responsibility in our schools.

Besides the content, which has been created by a team of educational experts specially selected for their vast knowledge and experience in their subjects, the books has created impeccable quality standards keeping our children in mind and how best they can learn. Our in-house Graphic Arts team have always pioneered in developing the most creative artwork meant to excite and rejuvenate how our children read and learn. We’ve considered and included everything required to ease children into more critical levels of thinking and understanding.
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