Vital Agri Nutrients Pvt Ltd

Vital Agri Nutrients Pvt Ltd

pWe are in the business of manufacturing of micro nutrients and other customized nutritional products for plants and crops. One of the unique things about VAN is that our actions and products can help address one of the planet’s most challenging dilemmas: how to grow more crops from less resources. That is why our ambition is to bring greater food security in an environmentally sustainable way to an increasingly populous world by creating a worldwide step-change in farm productivity. Through deploying our world-class science, we aim to transform the way crops are grown and look beyond yield. This includes novel go-to-market models, building in particular on our success in reaching new customers in emerging markets VAN people around the Pakistan help meet growers’ needs by developing new ways to increase crop yields and quality in a sustainable way. We are uniquely positioned to develop integrated solutions for our customers by combining our expertise in bioscience, chemistry, crop genetics and agronomy. We have an integrated R&D organization that exploits the power of our knowledge, capabilities and resources to solve growers’ problems through the combination of seeds genetics, traits and chemistry. Our global product safety and regulatory platforms enable us to discover, develop and register new products faster and more efficiently. We are increasingly working in networks to advance knowledge on important topics, tapping into the expertise and ideas of all our scientists./p
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