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Identifies trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements; tracking individual contributors a..
Nov 13, 2019 5 Years
Ensure all processes and guidelines outlined by the School, are followed for effective management and fair utilization of human and material..
Nov 18, 2019 1 Year
Ensure meet EE, waste & NCR KPITo ensure good EHS practices as per policyThe position requires skills such as leadership skills, operation m..
Nov 06, 2019 Fresh
Look after junior staff performance and provide feedback to top management on their progress.Manage responsibilities, duties and assignments..
Nov 18, 2019 5 Years
Assists with preparation of order forms.Manage the filing, storage and security of document.Maintaining client data.Liaison with factory and..
Nov 14, 2019 1 Year 25K - 50K
We are looking for our Dyeing lab person for having proven experience in this field. The incumbent must be having graduate degree either fro..
Nov 11, 2019 3 Years 30K - 35K
We are looking for Sr. Brand Manager/Brand Manager for our Headoffice.Candidates with relevant experience in education and/or school servici..
Nov 08, 2019 6 Years
We are looking for Manager Marketing, candidates with relevant profiles are encouraged to apply. Needs to have worked with and directly supe..
Nov 07, 2019 5 Years
Finance and Accounts department in order to streamline financial reporting of all brands and the organization Cross-functional, with regards..
Oct 31, 2019 3 Years 30K - 45K
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