If you are the one who looks for most of life’s answers in the kitchen and the one everyone turns to when it’s time to order food at the restaurant, you are a food lover. Imagine getting paid for being around something all day that you love most. Confused? Well that is absolutely possible! While some jobs may be more unconventional than others, there are a bunch of different career paths that involve eating, cooking and maintaining food that can keep you wealthy, healthy and gloriously fed. So, why not turn your gourmet ways into a paying gig? There are so many careers in food, it’s a veritable job buffet. My article today is about 5 jobs that are made just for people who love food.

Corporate Executive Chef

Corporate executive chef is a job that is not easily earned. Rather this job is awarded after going through rigorous training and a hell lot of experience. A corporate executive chef is not just a person who knows how to cook great food. In fact he’s a proven team leader staff supervisor and a kitchen manager. Besides, this person could also be in charge of building as well as maintaining relationships with the food vendors, ordering food and other supplies for the kitchen, and ensuring that those deliveries arrive on time and in good condition. The corporate executive chefs are also responsible for training of new hires. They get handsomely paid however it takes a major chunk of one’s life to finally become eligible for this role.


Do you want to bake sweet and savory goods for hungry people? Does the smell of muffins, pastries and breads water your mouth? If so then maybe you would love to be a baker. The bakers spend their lives producing mouthwatering treats for their customers. Apart from producing regular products, they also produce seasonal as well as new products. The bakers usually work overnight or very early morning shifts because the customers want the bakery super fresh as they wake up. If you’re specific about a day-job, then you may need to re-evaluate your career plans. The best catch is that you fine-tune your baking skills, perhaps to become a world-renowned cake maker or pastry chef extraordinaire.

Food Quality Technician

If you are the person who can easily name every ingredient in a dish by just tasting it, you have all the prerequisites to become a food quality technician. The food quality technicians spend their days by sampling different foods, evaluating their quality and making sure that the rest of us receive safe and healthy food products. These professionals usually work at production facilities. They take food and drink samples as they move down the line and scrutinize them in terms of weight, color, consistency and texture. The food quality technicians also evaluate food products through visual examination as well as the taste tests. They make sure that every product in the package looks and tastes the same as the other.

Restaurant Manager

As the name implies, you are going to be in charge of a restaurant. But don’t take it easy! No matter how great the food and service of your restaurant are, you’ll always be facing those disgruntled customers asking your staff, “I need to speak to the restaurant manager!” and you’ll be required to magically turn each displeased customer into a happy one. If you think that a restaurant manager’s job is to just occasionally come and turn a frown turn upside down, you’re mistaken. There’s a great deal of work that’s done by the restaurant managers behind the scenes, even during the non-meal hours. They keep a track of sales made each night, take a stock of all restaurant items, make sure that restaurant is in line with regulations, take care of marketing and promotions and a lot more. Moreover, managing current staff, new hiring and firing are also part of a restaurant manager’s job description. In short, as a Restaurant Manager, your hard work is what makes people want to come out to eat instead of lying down lazy on the couch at home.

Food Writer / Blogger

If you are not just a food aficionado but also hold exceptional writing skills, you can be a great food blogger. People who are running successful food blogs and have a notable following are typically blessed with a great passion and appreciation for food, as well as a talent for expressing themselves through the written word. Though this job lacks the glamour and prestige of running an upscale kitchen or creating the latest culinary craze, you will for sure get to have a hand in educating and informing others about all things food. One of the most popular forms of food writing is becoming a restaurant critic. But if you are opting to become a full-time food blogger, there’s a lot you need to do than just critiquing food. The food writers and bloggers these days are required to cover a variety of topics that may include culinary trends, farmers’ markets and how love is like stinky cheese (i.e., with luck, both get better over time).

Not everyone gets to find work that they love. Food enthusiasts are lucky in this regard – their job market is a specialty market where they can earn a living excelling at what they love the most – Food!