It’s 2017 – safe to assume that you have some form of a professional presence online. (With Pakistan’s largest database of registered professionals, chances are that presence is on ROZEE.PK). It’s also safe to assume that your online profile / CV / resume is competing with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more, for screen-time with prospective employers.

With the attention spans of hiring managers constantly decreasing and the volume of applicants constantly increasing, what’s one to do to make themselves noticed?

The Dilemma

The dilemma is well-known and has existed since before the advent of the internet era. How do you make your CV shout out, nay, scream out, your skills and expertise?

Surprisingly, it may have been tougher back in the old days of print and paper. You had limited space to cram in your experience, skills and expertise in a manner both fetching and readable – no one wanted to read a 5 page biography. Similarly, hiring managers are not interested in slogging through screens and screens of information; they want quantifiable, nuanced, discernible classification of what a potential candidate brings to the table.

So how does ROZEE help you get a leg up in that online sea of professionals? Let’s take a look:

The Solution – ROZEE Tarbiat

There are only so many ways you can say “I am extremely skilled in a,b and c”. What you need is a surefire way of demonstrating, in a quantifiable way, to prospective employers that you are the best person for the job. How do you do that? Look no further than ROZEE Tarbiat!

ROZEE Tarbiat is a suite of international standardized tests that provide you with a ranked assessment of the various skills you have collected as a professional. These ranks are global standard – they work everywhere! They are a guarantee to any organization that you possess the required caliber of ability that they are in need of – what better way of highlighting yourself?

Are you a skilled developer? Maybe a designer who can locate Photoshop shortcuts in their sleep? Or perhaps IT is more to your strength – no fear, Tarbiat caters to your every strength and skill with its wide assortment of tests. Taking the test is as easy as buying the test, completing the test and getting an instant test badge on your profile!

What’s more, you can tell the world of your achievement – your ROZEE Tarbiat rankings can be displayed publicly on your ROZEE profile as well, for the world to see! It’s said that recruiters don’t spend more than 10 seconds looking at a resume; they’re definitely not missing the achievement badges of your ROZEE profile!

Get started with ROZEE Tarbiat here.