Even if you have all the right experience and academic qualifications and you show up looking your best at your next job interview, it’s quite easy to reduce your chances of getting a job offer by letting the wrong words slip out of your mouth.

The interviewer has no interest in your personal life or why you need the job. So the right approach is to be conservative in what you say and share, and keep the focus on your skills and qualifications for the job. Besides, if you don’t think you have all the qualifications, don’t mention it.

So, when you head out to the next job interview, make sure to never say these ten things to the interviewer:

  1. I simply hate my current job!
  2. I hate my boss. He’s the worst boss ever!
  3. My current company doesn’t offer a healthy working environment.
  4. How much salary are you guys offering for this job? (Don’t talk about the money upfront, let the interviewer bring up money first).
  5. Would you mind if I take this call? (Never head into the interview with your cellphone turned on).
  6. I really need this job! (Never come across as desperate).
  7. Sorry I got late! (Never be late unless there’s an emergency).
  8. You can find further details on my CV (The interviewer has thoroughly checked your CV but they want to hear it from you).
  9. What’s the vacations / benefits policy here? (Never ask this until you’re offered the job).
  10. What products / services does this company deal in? (You must do a thorough research about the potential employer before the job interview).

Apart from the ten aforementioned questions that you need to strictly refrain from asking, make sure to always prepare a list of a few appropriate questions while you head into the next job interview.

Stay tuned to the Rozee blog as I prepare the list of questions you need to ask the interviewers when they say “Do you have any questions?

Happy job hunting!