Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk to you about something very important, that is how to nail an interview. It has been found that many of us often feel that we’ve absolutely nailed an interview yet we do not get the job. This situation can be quite disheartening; however, we should keep in mind that an interview can quite often have very little to do with our qualifications or experiences; it usually comes down to our intangible and subliminal impressions that we present ourselves with.

Your resume is a ticket to the interview; if it is bad, you won’t be able to get to the next stage, which is the interview. Once you get an interview call, it means you have a very good chance of getting the job, so you gotta make sure that you nail it! By nailing it, I mean to say that you need to hit all the right notes and clearly express you skillset and abililites that match with the employer’s needs. It should be kept in mind that instead of proactively explaining your strengths, weaknesses, experiences or academic background, you should wait for those questions to be asked.

The ideal approach is to appear in an interview well-prepared. This can be done by studying in advance, what the company does and what the position that you are being interviewed for, demands; and how that position can add to the overall growth of the organization in terms of revenue, sales, market reputation etc. Only doing aforementioned will help you communicate your real value.

The employers are always in a hunt for people who are self-starters, have energy and can take initiatives. Therefore, appearing relaxed and laid back in an interview would always score against you. Besides, your dressing also matters a lot during the interview; so always dress a notch better than how the employees of that organization would dress.

Being honest is one of the keys to nailing an interview. The moment, the interviewer perceives that you are hiding something or you are not being honest about something or even if you are answering the same question in two different ways, it is definitely going to question your whole intergrity; and that would be a red flag for your employment. The employers usually look for intelligence, stability, a track record of success and the allignment of skills.

During an interview, the interviewer tries to access whether or not you are the right person for that job, you have the right attitude and you are truthful and honest. Classically, the interviewer would ask you “where would you like to be in five years?”. Although there can be many answers to this yet you need to first understand the primary purpose behind this question, which is to assess how ambitious you are. Besides, the interviewer may also ask “what is your biggest weakness?”. Although you’ve got to tell your weakness this time yet you gotta highlight something that – at times – makes that weakness of yours become your strength.

Job hoppers are never appreciated by the employers and hiring them is considered as a bad investment. The interviewers would ask you what you liked the most about your last job and what you hated the most about your last job. This way, they would try to access whether or not you’ll be happy in that new role. It is necessary to make sure that your answers are aligning with things that would make you a success at the organization.

The bottom line is that you should be adding more value to the company that’s hiring you than the amount of money that they are paying you for that job. That’s what makes business sense to hire you!

So if you are proactively searching for a job, I wish you good luck with job hunt and your next interview!