Most of us end up spending around one-third of our working days within the office. Over time, it is only but natural to develop some rather unhealthy, and at times, even unproductive habits while we are present in our workplace. Luckily, habits can be broken – some may be easier to let go of than others

One thing is for certain – losing some of these habitual activities can dramatically enhance not just your working capabilities, but also your physical and mental health.

Sitting for a Long Period of Time

We often neglect the fact that we are not only sitting down for most of our working hours, but also throughout the remainder of the day while commuting in a vehicle, relaxing in front of the television or even while eating dinner at the dinner table. There is no reasonable alternative to sitting down while performing the mentioned activities, however, certain changes can be made in order to compensate for the lack of energy being showcased.

Some easy to implement actions that can increase blood flow and muscle activity during such times include:

  • Standing up while attending phone calls
  • Avoiding to cross your legs for extended periods of time while sitting down
  • Taking regular breaks and going for a small walk

Restricting “Energy Enhancing Consumables”

We all have our own preference of getting a hit during working hours – the idea of having something to keep us going through the day does not seem like a no-brainer when we consider the amount of work that we need to put in throughout the week.

Some prefer tea, while most prefer coffee when it comes to getting a quick fix – there are even those that gulp down caffeinated (energy) or carbonated drinks for this very purpose. While some people claim to feel more alert after consuming caffeine, it is important to know that doing so regularly can be addicting, and can cause some troubling physical and mental issues such as headaches, anxiety and an increased heart rate (among others).

Many people already in the habit of smoking tend to increase their consumption during work hours as a means to relieve stress or to keep active – this can make an already unhealthy habit increase in frequency and thus, cause a greater degree of physical harm in the long run.

The idea is to stick towards achieving moderation and avoiding drinks and snacks laced with a ton of sugar.

Skipping Lunch

For whatever reason, there is no reasonable excuse to miss out on lunch. Keeping your body energized during working hours is the best way to keep your mind alert and fresh. Many people tend to mistake the idea of skipping meals as being healthy – this is surely not the case.

It is important to remain critical about consuming one proper meal during lunch hours. Following a healthy eating plan can help you avoid many problems related to physical and mental stress.

Adapting to the Unhealthy Habits

Working too much, and for too many hours, can have many negative effects on your body over time. Basically, the aforementioned problems related to inactivity, poor eating habits and consuming unhealthy meals escalate the longer you are in an environment that you feel “encourages” these behaviors. In truth, the office has nothing to do with the formation of these habits – perhaps effort made towards personal fitness, healthy eating and regulating caffeine (and/or tobacco) intake should be considered. Take responsibility, get your act together!

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