Ramadan is upon us; a month that gives Muslims around the world, an opportunity to redeem themselves and start afresh. While we practice piety and penance, for abstinence and absolution, it is also our religious obligation to give our 100% at work.

Today’s article is all about keeping a perfect balance between our religious and worldly obligations during the holy month of Ramadan. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts during Ramadan for working professionals.


Get to work on time: Since the business organizations already observe reduced working hours, there’s hardly any room for working professionals to stay idle or to come late. So it becomes our moral obligation to be at work on time and to make sure that the organization doesn’t suffer in terms of productivity and the achievement of its goals.

Keep calm: Ramadan strongly urges us to exercise restraint in our thoughts and actions. So, to make sure that our prayers are accepted during Ramadan, we must be more helpful and patient towards our coworkers.

Keep the toilets clean: While you go for ‘wudoo’ during the day, make sure that water shouldn’t be reaching the ceiling. Try to not leave the floor wet because other people will also have to use the washroom. In addition, you should make the job of housekeeping staff easier, since kindness is one of Ramadan’s virtues, right?

Maintain a permanent smile: Make sure to maintain a permanent smile on your face because it is one of the nicest gestures. Your face shouldn’t be grumpy or rude. I know fasting in the summers is not easy but then again, Ramadan is all about being good to others.

Dress modestly: Men and women are expected to dress more modestly during the holy month of Ramadan. But this doesn’t restrict us from being fashionable. It’s just that the revealing and tight clothing should be avoided.


Waste time chatting: With the working hours already reduced during Ramadan, there’s hardly any time to complete your daily tasks. So, make sure to focus completely on your tasks and not let your monthly targets suffer.

Talk ill of your coworkers: Try to abstain from talking ill of your coworkers or cursing them. You could be having little to big conflicts with many of your colleagues but fasting is all about finding positivity around you, eliminating differences, refraining from bad thoughts and forgiving others’ mistakes.

Eat or drink: Even if you are not fasting due to any reason, make sure to not eat or drink in front of your colleagues. If you’re a smoker, make sure to refrain from smoking too. In case you’ve got to eat, make sure to do so at a corner where others can’t smell your food or see you eating.

Play loud music: It is really important to stay respectful to those fasting. If you must listen to the music, make sure to use headphones and keep the music volume low so that your coworkers don’t get disturbed.

Assign strenuous tasks to your team: If you are a team manager, make sure to be considerate towards your teammates. Since they are not going to consume water till the sunset, too much workload may exceed their working capacity.

Wishing you a blessed Ramadan!