Are you looking for ideas to impress your potential employer and make your CV stand out from the pile? Believe me or not, it’s possible to impress a potential employer without gifts or cheesy gestures. Bagging your dream job is all about making the perfect first impression and putting your best foot forward.

However, you must realize that the employers won’t love you just by viewing an amazingly crafted cover letter and CV. They’ll look for other traits in you too, so how do you make yourself appealing to potential employers?

Today I’ve compiled a few pointers that’ll help making an awesome first impression on your potential employer.

Making sure to highlight your accomplishments

You need to make sure that all of your educational as well as professional accomplishments are clearly highlighted in your CV. But, while you mention your accomplishments and certifications, also make sure that you do so in an innovative way, that brings something new to the employer’s table and makes you stand out from competition. On your customized application, make sure you focus on the projects completed and the skills earned over time for maximum impact.

Creating a professional social media presence

Whether or not you know it, majority of the employers these days browse through your social media profiles, apart from reviewing your CV. So it is really important for you to update all your social profiles professionally and avoid posting any controversial content. According to various surveys, recruiters thoroughly browse social media profiles of job candidates to gain insights into their personalities. So make sure that your social profiles are appropriate for business as well, and have something exciting to tell about you.

Applying only for jobs you truly qualify

Wasting the time of a hiring manager is probably the last thing you would like to do. So you’ve got to make sure that you thoroughly read each job description and only apply of you completely qualify for the position. Each job application or CV usually gets only 5 minutes of review time, so don’t create the wrong first impression by showcasing an application that isn’t just relevant.

Asking relevant questions about the job role

The job interviews should always be two sided conversations and not interrogations. So it’s really important for you to prepare some really good questions for the interview. This would show your interest in the job and would definitely impress the hiring manager. Moreover, every hiring manger would expect you to do complete research about the company as well as the job requirements before the interview. So strictly refrain from asking things that are already mentioned in the job description.

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Having clarity and confidence

Sometimes, even after doing everything alright or having the right skills for the job, you may not make it through the interview. Or it is possible that during the process, you fail to answer the interview questions correctly. In such times, it is important to be confident enough to steer through such minor hiccups and present a self-assured stance. Besides, it is also important to be open, honest and transparent to your recruiter about your job history, skills, experience and everything else on the CV to impress them with your integrity.

Happy job hunting!