A new email address for CV and professional correspondence? No way! I’m not going to change my email address only to impress a recruiter. Why can’t I just use the one I’ve been using forever?

Well that depends. If your email address looks something like “cute_farhan”, “sidra.princess” or “fahad.don007” you might need to seriously reconsider.

Creating a generic email address such as “umar.farooq” or “fatima.zahra01” is normally the way to go. However, if you have some great email address idea that’ll catch the recruiter’s attention in a positive way, you’ll definitely score some brownie points here.

Every Bit on Your CV Counts

Whether it is your e-mail address or your picture, every bit you include in your CV counts. Since your CV is your ticket to the interview, make sure that you never include anything that makes it look unprofessional. And yes, the email address is one really important thing.

And if you’re still going to argue with me that it’s ridiculous to have to create a separate email address and continually log in to check for responses, I have to say this to you: you more than likely already log in to E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Rozee.pk. You’re going to use the excuse that you just don’t want to open up ONE MORE site? So that you can get gainfully employed? No?

The Happy Solution

Since you don’t want to part ways with your beloved email address, here’s a happy solution for you. Just create a new professional-looking email address and put forwarding on all its email to your old email address so that you can get all your personal as well as professional email delivered right into your old inbox. Doesn’t this sound great?