Do you believe that you know everything there is to know about choosing the right career? There are a lot of people out there who believe they do, but end up choosing careers that are highly unsatisfying. This is because those beliefs are actually myths. If you are looking forward to a fulfilling career, you need to know the facts about how to pick one.

Today I’ve compiled some common misconceptions about choosing a career.

Choosing career is a simple and easy task

This belief is entirely false. Career selection is anything but simple and requires considerable time and attention. You should start off by learning about yourself that includes your interests, values, skills and type of personality. Then you should deep dive into the careers that you are considering. These steps will let you make an informed decision about your career and the future it may hold.

A career counselor will help me choose my career

Although the career counselors or career development experts can help you with learning about yourself and your available career options, it will ultimately be you, who’ll make the final decision regarding the career. Besides, once you’ve made a career choice, a counselor can help you know about the trainings you’ll need to reach your career goal.

I should rely on a “Best Careers” list

At the beginning of every year or a new decade, many articles and books related to predictions on upcoming hot jobs, are published. Although it wouldn’t hurt to give them a look, you shouldn’t use them to dictate your final decision. While the predictions are usually based on valid data, things often change. What is hot this year may not be in a few years from now.

Only a handsome paycheck will lead to job satisfaction

According to various surveys, money does not necessarily lead to job satisfaction for many professionals out there. Enjoying what you work is also important. However, money should also be given importance when evaluating an occupation. Earning enough money to pay the utility bills and living the life you want is really important.

Once I’ve chosen a career, I’ll be stuck doing it forever

This isn’t correct. You’ll always have the option to change your career if, for any reason, you become dissatisfied with it. Although it’s always going to be a tough decision, you’ll be able to find a way out. Here’s an expert advice on how to successfully shift into a completely new field midway through your career.