One of the main problems of an employee before acquiring a job is finding a job. Once that is done, the trick is finding out how to sustain it. Workplace politics and a lack of communication can make even smooth processes become complicated. Here, Mr Usman Shahzaib looks for some answers with the support of Master Group’s Mr Haroon Ahmed.

Haroon Ahmed Shabbir -GM HR & Admin - Master Group of  Industries


Communication between employees of different departments is always a concern, since there are a lot of things that can be misinterpreted if not communicated properly or through the right channels. Is there some way to establish a policy that entails proper correspondence between people in different areas of a company without it having to be an issue?



There is no quick fix solution for this problem nor any policy / SOP alone can settle this. One needs to set a detailed code of conduct for inter department communication while encouraging written communication in the form of emails & minutes for meetings, and reinforce this code of conduct and new culture with regular awareness and training sessions.

However, it is important that management should use this reinforced culture of written and documented communication to reduce communication gaps, thus eliminating confusion and saving cost of inefficiencies caused by misinterpretation of messages. It is important to not use the collected evidences to build cases against employees because this will sabotage employees’ confidence in written communication.



Employees need to be motivated if they are to perform at their maximum efficiency. However, there are certain instances where it feels that the employee feels undermined by the company when they realize that there is a glass ceiling with regards to their career growth and the benefits that they provide. How can employees be informed of their growth potential within an organization, and is it possible to put in place provisions that help them branch out in an area where they are so particularly inclined?



Lots of things can be done to keep employees engaged without getting them to worry about glass ceilings… but for how long?

Ideas coming from certain departments, like the Human Resource Department will always be limited, and that point will definitely come where one is bogged down in certain patterns; careers become stagnant and the glass ceilings start emerging. That’s quite natural. To avoid this, it is important that one encourages, in fact, enforces diversity and creativity where everyone has to come up with something new. It can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis – at least once a year. After that, let that individual or his / her team work on that idea and grow it to facilitate the employees to make their own sand castles.

Now the ideas coming from un-limited number of people will definitely be unlimited. This will help people branch out in areas where they are so particularly inclined, people working in their respective unique areas will never have to worry about glass ceilings and every successful diversity is going to trickle business for the company, hence, there is something for the stakeholder to cheer about as well.


-Questions by Mr Usman Shahzaib (Software Development Specialist [ex Microsoft employee])