Quantifying languages seems counter-intuitive: many people claim that you can’t assign a number to a skill that is fluid and subjective. For businesses, however, that makes its hiring akin to trial and error – that’s just not on!

The Quality Compromise

In a world increasingly dependent on English for its business communication on a global level, companies can no longer afford to give language skills secondary priority. This has created a demand for high-skill professionals in the market without there being a definitive way to identify said ability.

What this leads to is a great influx in resumes claiming to be proficient, but with no clear way to know so. Companies end up hiring candidates who may seem well-versed but end up barely on par with industry standards. Given the languid pace of most organizations’ hiring pipelines, this means these low-quality hires stay active for longer periods of time, affecting the overall quality of work output in that specific industry and negatively impacting the bottom line.

OPT – The New Hiring Standard

The British Council has been working with Rozee.pk in order to support the development of analyzing English skills for employability; the Online Placement Test (OPT), accredited by British Council and powered by Rozee.pk tech- it’s the most reliable way to evaluate professionals using an online Global Standard English Assessment.

The OPT addresses the market need by giving employers a global standard test to evaluate their candidates against – the legacy of the British Council ensures that this is an English test like no other! The test is administered online and provides instantaneous results – ranked on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), providing you a baseline for ability that is recognized the world over.

Once you have tested your applicant pipeline, analyzing the results is as simple as heading over to your Rozee Employer account and comparing the ranked badges (based on the CEFR) of all the test-takers – simply unprecedented hiring ease!

Our hiring industry needs a revolution – embracing the power of modern technology as a means to lift hiring mechanics and standards is essential to starting that revolution. The OPT is a solid step in that direction: Providing a means to quantifying the process of identifying English languages and accelerating the hiring pipeline simultaneously, thus providing businesses with employees possessing high-grade English skills. Start hiring smarter, today.