It sure is important for professionals to ëlook the partí in a certain business environment. And when it comes to dressing for the occasion in the professional relationship industry, Omar Jamil knows just how to pull it off. Known for his blend of trendy, fashionable wear and elegant formal attire, Omar Jamil believes in dressing comfortably, and looks impressively smart doing so! Nosherwan Khan recently checked in to inquire more about where his sense of style comes from.


Formal: A suit with no tie, or go “smart casual” with jeans, a nice tailored shirt, and a jacket or blazer on top.


Everyday Look: A pair of jeans with a T – shirt and a jacket/blazer or a sweater in the winter. If more formal, jeans with a nice tailored shirt or T – shirt in the summer.


PR Events: Either a tailored suit, or something more “fashionable” if it’s a fashion event. In the past, I’ve even worn an achkan to a fashion event – so it really just depends on what I feel most comfortable in.


Weekends: If going out, I wear jeans with a T – shirt , or just some comfortable track pants and a polo shirt if lounging at home.


Accessories: For as long as I can remember, I’ve worn an Ayat-al-Kursi bracelet on my right hand. I also wear a Kalma around my neck.


Watches: You will never find me without a wristwatch. For everyday wear, I use my Apple Watch for messages and notifications. When going out to a formal event, I wear my 1979 Rolex Oyster Perpetual [inherited from my maternal grandfather].


Glasses: I will rarely be seen out during the day without sunglasses. There was a time I would collect them, but now it’s either Wayfarers or a pair of Aviators. For everyday use, I prefer Ray-Ban’s Tortoiseshell Wayfarers – their Clubmasters are my alternate glasses.


Shoes: Mostly boots – ankle high at the very least.


The first thing I notice in others: More of a gestalt of the whole. I’m not sure if I tend to focus on one single thing at first. I know I always notice men’s shoes – it’s an old habit – and then the shirts, and the suit’s jacket if they’re wearing one.