Never underestimate the power of a good day.
They say, there are good days and bad days – I always thought there are happy days and sad days. As I always connected feelings with facts. Wrong, I was.
I woke up today feeling a low in the pit of my stomach that something will go wrong today and I should just binge the day away in inactivity and lethargy and not go to work and fight it if needed.
Instead, I just decided to go with the flow and the flow took me to work. From an interview to a new hiring to a somewhat great start into an editorial story to hopping into an extempore marketing meeting and pitching in a better deal than I even thought I had in mind – all came humming down on me like the great gifts of a blessed day and a hand of God. What we end up calling a good day – just what I learnt today. Never give in to the nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach – give in to your relentlessly struggling nature and master the art of enjoying a full day.
Let yourself see what each day brings – with or without the way you feel. Realistically going on with the goals and targets and bagging a lot more unplanned opportunities rather than sticking to the routine.
Another way of feeling good about work for those who find it difficult at times. Trust the abundance in Nature and ask for it… And you shall receive – a good day, everyday. 🙂